Culinary Journal, 10th-17th March 2013.

Hi fellow readers, I'm going to welcome you to another episode of Culinary Journal this week. To start things off, I'm going to say that this week has been another fortunate and super blessed week for me and my loved ones, I've got to eat what I was super craving for (somehow like accidentally), my cousin's having his birthday, and a lot more.

This week and today I decided to make a back to back post, so it's two posts in one day, incase you miss the post I released at the afternoon, don't worry, just click HERE to view :).

I can't believe that time flies and it's been the third week already. Wow! SO let's surf this week in recap.

Monday, March 10th 2013
I was busy working and I didn't go out of the house for the whole day because I was busy editing the photos I took for a wedding and a reunion, but somehow my aunt who got back from Singapore brought me this very delicious chocolate which I think you'll probably be agree that it's just SUPER DELICIOUS...yeaap non other than KINDER BUENO!

Tuesday, March 11th 2013
It's time to spoil some savings for new lens and clothes, I've been saving for quite some time for my future (LOL) and today I went to ITC Mangga Dua to do a little shopping with my mom and I eventually remembered a  place to have one of the yummiest Tom Yum in Mangga Dua, this place is quite popular and always crowded. It's Mama's Kitchen on the second fl if I'm not mistaken.

Mama's Kitchen Seafood Tom Yum w/ Noodle
IDR 38.000

Their Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice is also delicious! Yumster.
IDR 27.000

Wednesday, March 12th 2013
Every Wednesday I'm going to Serpong to meet some friends and take care of my internship report, well not every week, but for the last three weeks I've been to Serpong three times in a roll, this week I didn't meet any friends because I went there just to take care of some private things, but I managed to get a free tasting of Starbucks' newest pattiseries! I was given these gorgeous food.

First are Starbucks Beef and Chicken Potato Mushroom Pie. OMG free treats are always the best (just kidding, but some part they do right :)).
Starbucks' Almond Croissant
YUM YUM YUM, must try!

Thursday, March 13th 2013
Went out with my besties to have steak since we were super craving for beautiful grilled meat and we went to Go Wagyu, Central Park to fulfil the craving. They have moist steaks and nice for a quick dinner.

Go Wagyu X
IDR 68.000 (before tax)

Friday, March 14th 2013
My cousin's having his birthday! The big family went eating at Bandar Djakarta, and I obviously going to post the review in my blog but it's currently on the waiting list, just stay tuned because starting tomorrow and beginning Monday, I'll try to post a daily blogpost for you guys, I don't like keeping a lot of waiting lists, you deserve the reading :). But earlier afternoon my family took a nice family day out (IT'S FRIDAY! :)) and we went eating a lot of food at Pizza Hut, and obvioulsy I'm going to make a special post about Pizza Hut, I won't be reviewing any of their famous food, but I'm going to make a suggestion post for you all. Meanwhile here's a little preview.

American Favorite Pizza with Cheesy Bites
IDR 138.000 (before tax)

Cafe Latte
IDR 28.000 (before tax)
Don't underestimate this drink, Pizza Hut serves very nice coffee beverages! :).

Saturday, March 16th 2013
Went eating at the gorgeous Ninety-nine cafe in Plaza Indonesia East Mall and I just blogged the post earlier today here... Yesterday I watched the movie 'OZ' and it's a pretty good movie I recommend you to watch it, I love James Franco and Michelle Williams in that movie, Michelle always impresses me in every role she's starring, she's just a talented actress. 

Beef Prime Burger
IDR 82.000 (before tax)

Later for dinner, we went eating at The Soup Spoon and I ordered this amazing "Simon and Chicken Mushroom Soup"
IDR 75.000 (after tax) + Side Dish (more on the official blog post!)

There you have it! My culinary adventure in photo journal, I hope you'll always enjoy everything in this blog because my readers means the world to me. Love you! <3. See you on the next post!

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  2. berbelanja sedikit dengan ibu saya dan saya akhirnya teringat tempat untuk mempunyai salah satu Tom Yum yummiest di Mangga Dua, tempat eedetik ini agak popular dan sentiasa penuh sesak. It's Mama's Kitchen di tempat kedua jika saya tidak salah.