Indomie Abang Adek.

This is probably the HOTTEST post yet, and I mean literally HOT!
I finally agree to do this challenge to eat at Indomie Abang Adek which located exactly at Jalan Mandala, the restaurant itself is very simple, only decorated by large banners by the outside but there's also the inside part of the cafe.

 I can feel the hotness when I'm about to walk in...
So as you see there are levels of the spice, PEDAS MAMPUS is the ultimate numero uno deal (or no deal), followed by Pedas Gila, Pedas Garuk, Pedas and Sedang. Technically, the menu that they're serving is only instant noodle, but what makes this cafe so popular is that they use insane amount of chillis inside, it's no longer instant noodle with chillis, more like the opposite, wait until you see it for yourself.

Besides the chillis, you can also garnish your lovely noodles with extra eggs and corned beefs
I ordered the noodle soup with extra egg and corned beef and my "hotness" level is PEDAS! and Pedas already contained about 15 pieces of chilis and I'm already sweating a lot, I have a very sensitive tounge and stomach for super spicy foods, the regular spicy I still can handle. Trust me, this is the most beautiful presentation among the others...still consider it beautiful.
This is my cousin's order: Indomie Pedas Gila! The second hottest noodle in town. Daaaymnnn it's hot! We're being told that this level contains of 50 chillis.
This is the original presentation, they 'help' us stir the noodle. I made a comparison here...This is before...
and this is AFTER... clearly insane...
Chilli soup.
My brother is the craziest among us, he ordered the ultimate hottest and spiciest! PEDAS MAMPUS, which contains of 75 chillis (there's rumor going around that it can even goes up to 100+). I can't imagine how spicy that is but my brother said that he's not going to be bothered by anyone and not going to be talking anything because his technique is to basically eating the noodle non stop and as fast as he can. I noticed during the third slurps, he has been sweating very hard.
Underneath the noodle layer...more and more chilis!

The price range for the food here starting from IDR 8.000 to whatever depends on your toppings, I think I spend around IDR 18.000 after drink (sweet ice tea --> recommended) and after my extra egg and corned beef, I love the taste of fried corned beef with the soup when it's mixed, it's just tasty and has this prime missing sense I'm feeling right now.

FYI my stomach hurt so bad I can't sleep. It's just me who has a weak stomach for extremely spicy things.

But if you're up for the challenge, please come here and just...have fun!

Indomie Abang Adek
Jalan Mandala Utara No. 8
Jakarta Barat

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  1. hahaha... gile bener... abis berapa galon yak minumny???

  2. Enak banget nih...
    Warung Indomie favorit gw.

  3. Saya sudah berpeluh banyak, saya mempunyai tisu yang sangat sensitif dan perut untuk makanan pedas super, pedas teratur saya masih boleh mengendalikan. Percayalah, inilah persembahan yang paling indah antara yang lain situs prediksi bola masih menganggapnya cantik.