Dakasi Bubble Drink, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Dakasi is another bubble drink brand trying to expand their joy and going on their fresh adventure at Pantai Indah Kapuk culinary boulevard. As usual, it's another Taiwanese brand franchise and they finally come here, they also have another outlet located at Kelapa Gading. I see that there are 16 brands of bubble drinks based at Pantai Indah Kapuk, it's like the land of bubble drinks now.

Since I'm a big fan of bubble drinks, I don't find it a problem at all. Dakasi offers you great vibe and various drinks for you to enjoy but since I appreciate the original classic, I always go with the original milk tea. I love the fact that here you can custom your milk choice, I want mine with less fat combined with less sugar but more ice. Before I let you see the drinks, let me take you to surf the venue first :).

I love sitting here, but I suggest you guys to wear trousers or long jeans during the night because in PIK mosquitos are looking for their lovers at night and they might end up at the wrong kind of love.

Oreo Cookies Milk Tea.
IDR 27.000 (large)
I pretty much like this drink, even though at first I thought it's going to be real weird that Oreo cookies are mixed into this drink, I thought the texture's going to gross the drink out, but infact it wasn't at all, I love that the taste of the cookies blend well with the milk tea, and by the way they have SUPER NICE milk tea, it's not like the usual milk tea you're having from the others brands, they almost tastes all the same, even though they have something different, but this one is different, the taste of the tea is a little more dominating from the milk but in a good way. Their custom bobas are not your general boba size, it's more like the medium boba size, well it's good, sometimes when I drink bubble drinks, I always end up not consuming the bubble when the drink's done because it's just not convenient for me, I prefer smaller size and Thank You Dakasi for finally showing up.

Chocolate Milk Tea Cereal.
IDR 23.000 (regular)
Another creative invention, it's almost like drinking your own cereal with a good chocolate drink, it's not bad at all, I kinda like this one to be honest, the cereal also tastes decent.

I have my milktea for IDR 24.000 and the look is not much different from the photos above, obvioulsy a lot more plain looking like the ones you often see, the reason I decide not to take any photo of it is because by the time I ordered the drink, I carefully sneaked out of Dakasi to find at least cupcakes for my cousin who is celebrating his birthday! I finally found gorgeous cupcakes (and I'm lucky because they're almost sold out) at Twig Cafe! Twig is so twiggy!

So for that matters,


Dakasi Bubble Drink
Ruko Cordoba Blok D 17
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara.

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