Ninety Nine (99 Cafe), Grand Indonesia.

It was just earlier today that I grabbed a late lunch session with my beloved friends at 99 Cafe, Grand Indonesia. Initially, we wanted to watch the movie 'OZ' starring the very lovely James Franco and Michelle Williams, they both looks absolutely stunning in that movie for the record, and I like that movie, you guys should watch it, too :).

99 Cafe was our choice because my friend, Corina, was craving for their super delicious Potato Cream Soup and I was craving for their delightful burger. 99 first opened its restaurant and central branch at Ranch Market Pesanggrahan (since 99 is Ranch Market's), which also is a great venue with classic interior and great vibe to be around having your lunch or dinner, if there's a chance and I happen to go there again, I will take you to join the tour, but now, let me take you to tour the 99 Grand Indonesia, they also have a very nice place, I'm eating at the bar venue, it's more like the interior part of the restaurant.

I love the venue and I've always been a fan of clean classy interior, it's just simply gorgeous in a very good way. The food itself is as beautiful as how this restaurant looks, well not only looking beautiful, but also tastes delicious, you can feel that it's made with professionalism and it's also shown from its presentation.

Potato Cream Soup
IDR 45.000 (before tax)
Probably one of the best potato cream soup I've ever tasted, it's so creamy but for my personal taste, I love it because it's not tasting very cheesy and milky, but you can see that the meat (beef) and potato kinda works together creating a yummy sensation for every bite. I totally recommend this to you my lovely readers.

Beef Prime Burger
IDR 82.000 (before tax)

This is my meal and this is obviously also one of the best burgers I've ever had in my 21 years of living (hahaha), but it does, clearly as you can see that the burger is very tall and it has a thick meat inside with two potato rings and served with a bucket of awesome fries, this meal is just perfection for me, it's obviously making me very full after I eat the whole portion and I asked for the meat to be medium well (because I think medium well is perfect for me). Aaaah I'm drooling for another portion right now (T.T). Have this for yourself, guys :)

Iced Mandarin Soda
IDR 38.000 (before tax)
Fresh orange soda drink with citrus sense and loveable moments :)

Iced Red Berries Tea
IDR 28.000 (before tax)

I just knew that there is actually a brand that's releasing tea with red berries and I mean it will make the tea looks very red and I'm going to definitely look out for this brand as soon as I stepped into import supermarket, I love this red berries tea and it's just fresh, it has reasonable amount of sourness contained, but still, I like this a little sweeter.

Iced Berry Crush Tea
IDR 38.000 (before tax)
This drink is not much different with my drink but with mint leaves, still fresh and still tasty.

We three spent almost around IDR 290.000 for all those above, I think it's pretty reasonable, I get what I'm paying, and besides, we had a  nice time of chitchat waiting for the movie here, another plus for great comfortable venue, but make sure you're being sit on the table not with the direct air conditioning, because it's super cold and freezing.

99 Cafe is so far one of my most favorite restaurant to have my lunch and dinner, you should really try it out for yourself, guys :). Have a great day!

Don't forget that tonight is another post of Culinary Journal... clue: I had a lot of blessings of great food and most of my cravings are being fulfilled this week. Praise and thank the Lord! Amen!

Since this blog is being featured in last week's CHIC magazine, I am happy to annouce and thank you all for boosting my social network followers, especially what I'm really into right now (Instagram), last week my Instagram finally passed 1k followers, well it's not really really like... a lot, but I'm just simply happy that people might pay attention for me, the foodgasms. Just kidding ;).

Ninety Nine (99 Cafe)
Grand Indonesia LG fl.
East Mall
Jakarta Pusat.

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  1. Saya akan membawa anda untuk menyertai lawatan ini, tetapi sekarang, saya akan membawa anda untuk melawat 99 Grand Indonesia, situs prediksi bola mereka juga mempunyai tempat yang sangat bagus, saya makan di tempat bar, lebih seperti bahagian dalam restoran.