Starbucks Central Park 1st fl.

Starbucks is proving to be the ultimate brand for coffee specialist and it's proven by the amount of stores they're having all around the world, its latest outlet is in Stasiun Gambir (Jakarta Pusat), got the invitation but I couldn't come to the event because I was abroad so I haven't seen the store for myself, but no worries, it's opening it's newest outlet now in Central Park 1st floor, it adds the number of Starbucks Outlet in Central Park, they already had two before, maybe different franchise owner.

This post is made to tell the good news to Starbucks lovers! Today as in March 21st 2013-March 22nd 2013 there will be a beneficial promotion! It's the buy one meal free one tall drink! I think it's a very lovely promotion and shall not be missed. I went to the store yesterday to check the venue, it might be the tiniest store but definitely not the least. It's located just beside Black Ball and accross Tous Les Jours.

Okay, I'm writing the promotions by list so you can remember it easier:
-   21st March 2013 - 22nd March 2013: BUY ONE MEAL GET ONE FREE TALL DRINK.

-   now - June 2013: BUY ONE DRINK AND ONE DRINK FREE ONE DRINK. (by Voucher given by the barista, incase the barista forgot about it, don't be hesitate to ask for the promotion).

This is what the voucher looks like:
There is another promotion that's going to be running until March 26th 2013 but the Barista said that they're told to keep it secret until today so I also had no idea what the promotion's going to be, but promotions are mostly a nice deal so you guys better go check the promotion by visiting the outlet today and get your free drink for every meal purchased :).

If you have any questions, kindly leave them at the comment section below and I'll answer it :).

Now let's have a quick tour :).

Starbucks Coffee
1st fl. Central Park Mall
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, 11470