Starbucks Triple Chocolate Cake.

Went to Starbucks Plaza Indonesia today to taste the gorgeous new cake/new product they're promoting, it's the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE! (retailed for IDR 30.000). From the picture above, I know you guys are imagining the taste of the triple chocolate cake...So how was it?

I had the triple chocolate cake with a venti Iced Cappucinno, probably the best match, another drink recommendation: Caramel Macchiato or simply Iced Black Coffee.

Technically, from what I see, this cake has four layers, but maybe the name "triple chocolate cake" comes from the prime cream layers, the lowest layer is like a baked chocolate brownies with nuts. I noticed that Starbucks are using a lot of nuts for the cakes lately, from the Purple Yam Cake, Red Velvet Nut Roll, Peanut Butter Panini, but nut is a good thing, I have no problem eating a lot of nuts, well, there are controversies around the theory that eating too much nuts will cause you breakouts and then blemishes, I never experienced one before, let's leave it to the side and let the hormones decide (lol).

This cake is a yumster! I've been blessed with a lot of yum stuffs and this is obvioulsy one of the yummiest, I love the idea of using nuts as the topping, it make the cake aesthetically more beautiful instead of boring plain chocolate layer. According to the barista the toppest chocolate creme layer is made of dark chocolate, the middle: milk chocolate and the lowest: white chocolate. I tried to eat the cake little by little, layer by layer and I can't find strict difference from the dark and milk chocolate, obviously the white chocolate tastes the most different because it has the strongest milk taste.

I've been saying this for many times that texture are essentials in a dish for me because I love the different textures and flavors in my mouth, it makes the food much more interesting and the case of this dish: beautiful texture.

This is seriously not a good cake to be taken away from the freezer for maximum 2 hours because I've had the experience with the Nutella Cake from THIS POST, during the moment I took away the cake, the outlet in Grand Indonesia hasn't opened yet so the only Djournal available (nearest) is the one in SMS2 which is far and when I reach home and wanted to have it, all that I can do i was drowned in tears because the cake has turned into liquid.

Have a moment, go to the nearest Starbucks and have this for your own.
It's beautiful :).