EATANDTREATS featured in CHIC Magazine!

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My friend told me about this and thank you so much CHIC Magazine for featuring me on their latest issue with Lana Del Rey as the cover. It's a total honor for me and joy to me and this blog since it's our first print press publicity. I love it that they use my pictures from BonChon post as the featured pictures because BonChon is promoting their new menu which are released this month. Incase you miss it, you can read my BonChon food tasting post HERE.

Don't forget to grab the magazines guys and see my blog review, or simply click on the photo for larger image.

Thank you CHIC magazine! :).

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PS: Maybe it's the affect of this publicity, but my page hits has been doubled after this, and I know this is just the beginning of great things coming to me and this blog. Dream big and fierce! AMEN! :).

5 komentar:

  1. Congrats Hansss!!! :D
    Ini stefi fyi :)

  2. Ia adalah satu penghormatan bagi saya dan kegembiraan kepada saya dan blog ini kerana ia adalah publisiti akhbar cetakan pertama kami. Saya suka bahawa mereka menggunakan gambar saya dari pos BonChon sebagai gambar yang diketengahkan kerana situs prediksi bola BonChon