Culinary Journal: 04-10 March 2013.

Another week of EATandTREATS culinary journal, incase you miss the full information of what Culinary Journal is, don't worry, you can read it here :)

I would say that this week is full of surprises and treats, literally treats from my loved ones, and do you guys the days of beautiful sky we experienced lately? God is just amazing :). Let's surf the whole week in mobile photos journal! :).

Monday, March 4th 2013
My mom's best friend which I already consider a close part of my family got back from Singapore after her business trip and she gave me this delicious BORDER biscuits she bought there, you can find this in minimarts like Seven Eleven and many more. This is just awesome!

Tuesday, March 5th 2013
Same person gave this! I heard a knock on the gate and she delivered a box of dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts :) I love their triple chocolate and strawberry jam fill :). Good old classics!
The table cloth is my dining room's cloth, my mom just love flower patterns and it's not bad too, would make a nice background for picture taking :).

Wednesday, March 6th 2013
Nothing I ate really stands out and fun enough to share, I went to my college to take care of some letters for my current internship and go back straight after, but on that day, the most gorgeous sky scenery was ongoing. Now this is worth to share!

Thursday, March 7th 2013
A cup of self made hazelnut latte and a pack of KitKat just for myself :). This week has been a pretty busy day for me, I have a lot of photoshoots post-processing needs to be done. Deadlines keep me strong and productive.

Friday, March 8th 2013
Usually on Fridays, my mom and dad had their time off work, it's just the beauty of being an entrepreneur, you can have your family day your own custom desire hahaha! and usually on Fridays, we held family gathering and we often had lunch together and this time we want to fulfil our Dim Sum cravings! We went eating at Millenium Gajah Mada to have a fun day of Dim Sum :).

God I love Dim Sum!

On the same day, I went to Pacific Place to meet up with my friend, Meta Pratiwi Liberty who's about to go to Adelaide the next day to finish her study, most of my close friends are heading back to their "education-city" and I'm going to miss them really bad! We went to have coffee at Coffee Club (3rd fl) and these are all Meta's parents treat. Thank you for such a wonderful time of chatting and meeting up! :)

I took a cab and it was raining pretty hard, anyway, I love how my phone camera works outdoor almost as good as digital camera quality.

Rocky ChocoNut Freeze.
IDR 64.000 nett.
It is just absolutely DELICIOUS! Must try! See that beautiful freezed chcolate with cashew nuts on top of it, this drink contains nuts and a scoop of ice cream hidden underneath the freeze layer. Total yumster!

Ham and Sausage Sandwich with eggs.
IDR 72.000 nett
GORGEOUS! Coffee Club has very nice coffees and food, I love this to death and it's a pretty big portion with lots of meats. I love the salad dressing and the fries too. Complete package of an awesome treat :).

Saturday, March 9th 2013
Besties day out! Went to have our dinner at Arang 22 at Senopati and continued with coffee sipping at That's Life Coffee. I've prepared the post for you guys tomorrow so stay tuned :). It was always a bliss going out with my loved ones :).

I love TLS' toilet, I'm not actually doing something you guys are thinking, I'm just about to wash my hands and I see that the toilet is pretty nice so I take you to see it #forced. LOL.

Those are my experiences for a week, funny how days flies and times just flashes in a blink. Wow.

Incase you're wondering, I was an iPhone user but I'm converting to try the Android phones, they're not bad at all. I'm using Sony Xperia SL. It has a great quality of camera and I edit my pictures with what I'm sure you guys are using too. CAMERA 360! Best camera application EVER!

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