Carnivor Barbeque Specialist, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Another new restaurant is joining the Pantai Indah Kapuk food boulevard (as what I describe). Say hi to the barbeque specialist: CARNIVOR (located at the Rukan Crown Golf Blok D). Carnivor also has it's older 'sibling' located at Sunter Icon Food Point, with different slogan: "CARNIVOR The Meat Company". The exterior of this restaurant is really eye catching, with classy vintage decoration, lots of bricks, and hung lamps, reminds me of french restaurant of the 60s. You can see for yourself that they're really using the area of this restaurant to create a great dining experience along with such great ambience. It might look crowded inside, but it's just so comfortable, isn't it such a nice plus point for a restaurant to have a great decoration and great kitchen, it also makes you feel like a million dollar...more.

As you see for yourself, their slogan is "Barbeque Specialist", so you'll find a lot of grilled dish served here like: steaks, grilled chickens, happy platters package and lots more, we ordered three dish for the dinner, two main courses and one starter. What are they?

Love the menu design by the way.

Irish Potato Skin with Mozarella Cheese and Beef Bacon.
IDR 35.000 (before tax)
I just fell in love, this is so delicious even 6 pieces are not enough, craving for more as I'm writing. As I'm asking the kind servant, they say that they cook this dish twice, grilled and fried, no wonder why it's so crispy and yummy, you need to try this out for yourself, I'm running out of words.

Barbarinos Pizza (Pork meat, onion, mozarella, paprika and barbeque sauce)
IDR 55.000 (before tax)
Great deal and great price for pizza, the pork is also yummy!

Rib Eye Steak
IDR 122.000 (before tax)
I assume just by looking at the picture, you'll know how tender the meat is, it's just so juicy, they cook the perfect medium well, awesome french fries at the side dish and superb mushroom sauce! They also dressed this dish with salad and a little touch of vinegar to garnish :).

 Fell in love with the awesome mushroom sauce!
Red Lime and Cherry Mocktail (Carnivor special mocktail)
IDR 25.000 (before tax)
If you love sour drinks like I do, this will fit you, it has a high level of sourness but in the same time super fresh.
Ice Tea for IDR 10.000/pax

We spent around IDR 297.000 for three people and it's a nice price and three dishes pretty much equals to stomatch satisfaction last night. I will definitely keep coming back to this restaurant, this is very recommended guys :).

Rukan Crown Golf Blok D
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Jalan Griya Sejahtera, Sunter Agung

021 - 29376275

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  1. Anda dapat melihat sendiri bahawa mereka benar-benar menggunakan kawasan restoran ini untuk membuat pengalaman bersantap yang hebat bersama dengan suasana yang begitu baik. Ia mungkin kelihatan sesak di dalam, tetapi ia situs prediksi bola hanya begitu selesa, bukankah itu titik tambah bagus