Pizza E Birra, Plaza Indonesia Extention.

Hi my lovely readers, I just want to say thank you so much for your supports on my new segment on this blog "Culinary Journal". I received so much love from Facebook, Twitter and emails who supports me and also have the same idea of making food our new journal and it's just never ending. I'm going to wonder how someone doesn't have the love for food, sometime,s even when my sister said she's on a diet, I believe that's just a denial of her love for food.

Yesterday, me and my friends went to Plaza Indonesia to have our dinner, but sometimes, the very common issue is that it's sometimes very hard to decide where we're having the dinner at (and I believe it happened to everyone of you LOL), so we decided to go eating at Pizza E Birra which located at the Plaza Indonesia Extention, 5th fl. It's a little late to put a review of this restaurant since it's been there for yeaaaars, but you know what they say, it's better late than never :p.

I've been here a couple of times and I must say they serve very great food, especially the pizzas! They have a lot of variants of pizzas, starting from meats, spicy ones to the sweet ones, yeas with oreo, chocolate and a lot more, you need to visit this restaurant to try them all just can't get enough. You can also visit the other outlets of this restaurant at Setiabudi Building and Central Park.

FYI, Pizza E Birra is also another great invention from the culinary master, Ismaya Group. Ismaya oh Ismaya, keep on satisfying our neverending lust for food with your top creations.

I'm going to take you first to my "on the way" journey. Fasten your seat belts. This is also going to answer questions I've been receiving through emails and comments.
Route: Glodok - Plaza Indonesia

I received tons of questions on how I created tones for my photos and how do I take photos? Okay, the second question is probably the hardest, I don't know but I just love to play around with my camera, snap this snap that, I am not a thinker when it comes to shooting, I always shoot what I see is beautiful, I sometimes don't stick to the metering, I can have over-exposured or under-exposured pictures but I think they're beautiful so I just love it, it always starts with the inside, when you're happy with your results and fortunately you have people who share the same love for what you've done, that's great, but if not, stick with your own style and tone :).

I am currently more into vintage and desaturated tones, there will always be deliberation or pros and cons on what you're doing, people will always have things to say: "Why would he desaturate photos when the original color is beautiful? What was he thinking?", "I love your tones!". These two are probably what you're going to hear or read, but it's always going to be back to your own state and idea, if you love what you're doing, do it, never be afraid of being creative.

Just like this blog, I always have my way of capturing food and even though sometimes I created vintage tones for food which I sometimes believe the original color is beautiful, but I like what I'm doing and fortunately for me, my readers support me and I never experience an extreme contrast comments for what I'm doing and I respect people for that, but if they have negative or critics to point out, why not, I would love to hear that, no hard feelings of course, critics build, but never change who you are :).

I'm going to take you to see the little part of the interior of this restaurant, I love the design :).
I love their idea of applying messy woods for the walls decoration, it's somehow just makes everything looks alright and beautiful.
 Vintage alert! Love.
RETRO! Look at the illustration they're using for the food utensils wrap, it's like vintage comics, FYI, inside you'll find spoon, fork, tissues, and depends on the food, you'll also find knife.
Let's surf what we got yesterday night! They're awesome.
Meat Me in Heaven
IDR 85.000 (before tax)

This is the large round of pizza, the large round is divided to 8 slices. From the title itself, it's obvious that the pizza's going to be filled with tons of delicious meats (beef) as topping and it's indeed delicious! I have always loved the nice smell of baked meats, mixed with the smell of "fresh from the oven" baked pizza dough and smell of melted Mozarella cheese! Yumster!

Beef Lasagna
IDR 65.000 (before tax)
Hands down! One of the best lasagna I've ever tasted, the portion is quite large with delicious cream and minced beef (ala bolognaise). I just love the fact that even though the cream is cheesy, but the taste is not overrated and dominating the whole dish, works well with the other elements of the dish. Obviously must try!

Chicken and Cream with additional spaghetti.
IDR. 55.000 (chicken and cream) + 15.000 (spaghetti) -- (before tax)
This dish is originally on the menu to be only the chicken and cream, but I guess a little touch of pasta (spaghetti) will be nice, so there it is, my beautiful dish which I happen to love so much! This is also must try, I love how the chicken is cooked, it's very well seasons, and the cream is just beyond delicious. I'm only hoping that maybe if there's a glimpse of spinach inside, it's going to be even wonderful, but it's so close to becoming chicken and spinach spaghetti. Try this friends, it's a nice one :).

Strawberry Sparkling Soda
IDR 29.000 (before tax)
Fresh, it's not very sweet, not very sour. Perfect for the night :).

Conclusion: need to try! You're going to love it! I once during my last visit (months ago), I ordered the meat ball aglio olio spaghetti, it's also nice.

Pizza E Birra
Plaza Indonesia 5th Fl.
Jalan MH Thamrin Kac, 28-30
Ph: 021-2992 3907

Tribeca Park at Central Park Jakarta

Setiabudi Building.

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