Culinary Journal, 18 March-24 March 2013.

Welcome to another episode of Culinary Journal! The picture above really tells a big story, well if you follow my TWITTER or FACEBOOK you had a probability of acknowledging that my sister was having her 19th birthday yesterday :), she is like the best sister I've never asked for and I'm glad that I didn't even have to, she is such a gift and a marvelous secret keeper, even though sometimes some of mine got spilled out...humans.

So let's start the amazing adventure :).
Tuesday, March 19th 2013
Went to Starbucks Plaza Indonesia to taste their new product: Triple Chocolate Cake!
I've blogged it and please read it HERE.
This cake is retailed for IDR 30.000 each.

Wednesday, March 20th 2013.
Remember, this food is not underrated, it has so many fans even probably more than the high end restaurant, yes I had my own KFC after a long time! God it's so heavenly, I always feel like a kid everytime I had my KFC :).

Thursday, March 21st 2013
I went to a food tasting but unfortunately, I am requested not to spoil anything until it's released, I just wanna tell you at first because this new Japanese restaurant has great food! Starts with "M" and ends with "A", that's the best that I can share.

Friday, March 22nd 2013
Went to have a fabulous dinner with my lovely best friends to Carnivor PIK, and hey I've blogged that too, so if you want to read a post with better pictures, kindly click on this LINK :)).

Irish Potato Skin with Mozarella Cheese and Beef Bacon
IDR 35.000 (+ tax)

Barbarinos Pizza
IDR 55.000 (+ tax)

Rib Eye Steak + Mushroom Sauce
IDR 122.000 (+ tax)

Saturday, March 23rd 2012
Spent the weekend along with my lovely best friends, always the same team :). We went to Social House, yup, that restaurant with such a great ambience, but you can barely see anything because it's so 'light'.
BEST DRINK that I've tried for the whole week is this... NUTELLA MILKSHAKE, it's literally like drinking a Nutella jam, only lighter and more gorgeous. Look at those tempeting marshmallows! One thing that's such a great point is that they serve it freezing cold, like super super cold and it just adds the deliciousness over the top! Yeah I overrate this drink because this is beyond delicious.

IDR 55.000 nett.
This one is actually a lucky shot, we were being positioned at the table with the least lighting, and my friend happened to capture the meal with her tab and with flash light, a pop of flash and a luck resulting to this, well, not great, but okay picture, at least you can see my recommendation for the yummiest dessert during the week. This dessert has like 10 words of description, all that I can remember and read was 'White Chocolate and thin layer of puffs.", maybe if you're dying to try this (since it's super yummy), you can print this photo out (lol) or simply save it and show it to the servant. Not a good idea, yeah, I know.

Sunday, March 24th 2013
Surprise surprise! It's my sister's birthday, we gave a little surprise :).
Cake from Cheese Cake Factory - Chocolate Delight.
and here's another treat from her friends.
On this day, I went to Ichipan-Ya and Ichidaigen Ramen to have another round of food tasting invitations, I love the fact that our connection and cooperation is going well, they have new menus to be promoted and I'm more than happy to do it, I'm going to make a blogpost for this sponsored post, but for now, let's just see the little preview :).
See you on the next post! Going to keep you guys updated and hungry...always.

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