Boka Buka Kitchen & Bar at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall 3

Three days in a row, three new post! I have been motivated to blog lately!

It's because last week I was so busy and I didn't have time (and diligence) to blog them out! So I guess this week's payback time, most of my latest posts were actually events that I just attended couple days ago. This week is another busy week for me, I know "busy" sounds arrogant and cocky but it's the truth that I am freaking busy! Today is Tuesday and it's my only day off out of this week so I decided to blog <3.

I am going to blog about this restaurant that I visited couple weeks ago in Pondok Indah Mall, after attending an event by Indonesian Foodblogger (post here). I went to this eye-catching restaurant called "Boka Buka" in Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall 3. Technically, it's a French restaurant with a little fusion creations on the menu, and they also have a lovely interior! Kinda reminded me of cafes in Bali, everything was super vintage!

A little story about Boka Buka. It's actually a family business which originally started as a Waffle parlour located in Cipete Raya, back in 1999 and slowly making its way as restaurants around 2002. 10 years later, the second branch (which is this one) is finally opening for public in a relatively more approachable venue. Boka Buka itself actually means "Opened Mouth". I was lucky to be able to meet up with the owners of this restaurant, this branch is run by the Budiendra sisters while the main restaurant in Cipete is run by their parents :). They were really nice!
Usually when I love a restaurant's interior, it would be hard for me to stop taking photos! So beware, this post is going to be photo-heavy :D.
I love how the colors work with the color of the wood.
Vintage teapot and cups spotted!
I visited this restaurant around two weeks ago and at thay moment, it was on The Halloween hype so basically Halloween decoration's all over the restaurant...and food (will get to that in a short time).

Homemade Signature Fresh Ginger Juice
Everyone who's eating in Boka Buka will get this complimentary drink before digging in their courses. It was indeed fresh and I fell for its not-so-overwhelmin ginger scent, it was infact sore of lime-ish and that's a good thing for me.

Left: Green Tea Smoothie, Right: Red Velvet Smoothie - both IDR 35k
Gotta admit that I love the red velvet smoothie more than the green tea because it's more fragrant, tastier and bold but not overpowering.

Pumpkin Soup
IDR 35k
Black spider made of Olive on the egg just to live up the Halloween ambiance!

Escargot de Bourgogne (12 Pieces)
IDR 115k
Twelve oven baked Escargots, baked with parsley and signature Boka Buka garlic butter! Okay, hands down this is probably the best Escargot I have ever had in my life (so far), I have tried some other escargots in various restaurants but none has surpassed this in terms of size, flavors and the aftertaste! The perfectly cooked Escargots were also accompanied with breads and its signature garlic butter. The melting butter from the plate is just awesome for the bread dipping. LOVE THIS!

Creamy Chicken Mushroom in Crepes
IDR 78k
Another wonderful and not-to-be-missed menu! This is H-2-T from the crepes to the chicken filling! The chicken filling's generous, the cream was thick but not overwhelming the aftertaste, and love the fact that the crepe's cooked lightly it was not crispy! I'd just have this again! FYI the sparks of white you see on top was not Parmesan, it was bread crumbs.
Another Halloween inspired food decoration. This one's made of bread and white chocolate, not really suggesting it to be eaten with the chicken.. flavor contrast!

Mushroom Lasagna
IDR 75k
Three layers of Lasagna, with loads of creamy bechamel sauce, mushrooms and cheese! This one is also decent, especially the genius part of giving homemade pesto sauce to add dreamy contrast to the flavor! I have always been such a huge fan of Pesto and to add this to a palate like this?! Uh-mazing.

Dame Bruxelles a.k.a. Lady Brussels
IDR 40k
So I had this for my dessert. Belgium waffle, icing sugar, ice cream and chocolate sauce. This dessert might look so simple but trust me, this was just the waffle that I've (sort of) been looking for! I have always loved a semi-crispy layer of pancake but chewy on the inside and this just nailed it correctly. I actually asked the owner and it was the matter of the waffle maker utensil. I am not such a huge fan of the soft puffy version of Belgian waffles so that's why I probably really fond of this.

So there you go! The courses that I had during my visit to Boka Buka. The food they're having here was super nice, like I mean totally above the "good" standard, more like great! Remember, this restaurant has been in the scene since 1999, so there must be something that captivates the heart of the consumers! I proudly say I am its new fan <3. I highly recommend you guys to go here

Will be back for their steak! I was so drooling over it but I just had a big meal on the IDFB event!

FYI, before I end this post, I just wanna thank you all!
Thank you guys for your support, eatandtreats is finally having its 3000 daily hits (and has been steady). Captured this on the November 3rd 2013.
I am always open to my readers about (almost) everything, including the stats here! The screenshot was taken on November 3rd 2013 around 2PM. It's stated that the day before (November 2nd 2013) I got 3162 hits and on (November 1st 2013) I got 3067 hits! The 1552 hits was reffering to the time I captured it (November 3rd 2013, 2 PM), it's not even 12AM but I already got half of my current daily hits. I am so overwhelmed and happy! Thank you guys!!!

I will always continue to write better, to take better photos and to really serve you my opinion about what's happening in Jakarta's culinary scene. I am going to keep the old me, my good old style of writing, only probably...bigger more fascinating improvements and changes!

To all of you reading my blog... thank you :").



Boka Buka Kitchen and Bar
Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall 3
2nd fl. SG 206 T
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

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