Huize Van Wely at The Papilion Kemang

One rainy afternoon and kilometers away from home were my state last Wednesday, southern of Jakarta to be exact. The ambiance at this following restaurant was superb, especially during the rainy hour. Located at The Papilion Kemang, Huize Van Wely is no stranger for some. This Dutch franchise brand famous for its delicate premium cakes and desserts has been spreading its wings to Indonesia since 1990 and not until a few years ago when they decided to move to The Papilion at Kemang and raised its "sibling" at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta.

Frankly speaking, I already knew The Papilion back when I was in highschool and highschool was actually the first time I was allowed to go out and went home a little late, but I never went inside because at first I thought it was a hotel (blame the chic design and elegant looking building), but just few years ago I managed to finally know that The Papilion is actually a family business, not entirely business but also fun and passion for food & beverage, fashion and lifestyle that gather together as one, in this one fancy building.

Just one step inside and I knew I was in love! I was already impressed with the awesome exterior and the interior of Papilion (Huize Van Wely to be exact) just rang... classy and chic! You knew from the very first that this is an upscale dining venue and I love when the minimalist elements of the room create this classy feeling to it.

Dessert heaven on displays!

I came to try out their lunch buffet menu and the menu served on that day was Indonesian food, well, to be honest, it's been probably two weeks since the last time me having Indonesian food, so I guess that was just the perfect timing, but before we get to the food, let's take a look at some epilogue of F&B.

It was raining and something warm could do, so I ordered a cup of Green Tea infused with Cherry Blossom essence and it was just perfect! It was fragrant, calming and in the same tasty, I would love you to order this tea whenever you're feeling like having a calming beverage.

Complimentary breads from Huize Van Wely is top notch! They're just fragrant and smooth, don't forget the butter because it melts in your mouth and burst!

In a nutshell, this is what I had on my plate, pretty much everything on the station!

The Indonesian food buffet lunch menu consists of all you can eat rice, meats and vegetables, and they are...
Lamb Curry
This was really good! I was really fond of the juicy meat that's free from the lamb smell and the thick broth.

Traditional Fried Rice
This one is also a good old traditional fried rice, however not out of the world good.

Ayam Sambal Matah

Urap is an Indonesian traditional food which consists of fresh vegetables like bean sprouts, spinach and string beans mixed together with seasoned shredded coconut. As in for vegetables dish, I have always been a fan of Urap because this food is pretty unique, interesting and sometimes...spicy! This one simply got my thumbs up.

Meatballs Soup (soup menu on rolling each month).
This might look like the common meatballs soup, do you expect it to look like? This one is also another favorite menu from the buffet list. Starting from the soup to the "real" meatballs, everything is decent, if you like it spicy, then don't forget to add in the chili, they have chili that burns!

Fried Spring Rolls
Deep fried spring rolls served with nut sauce, this one is another decent course.

Surprisingly, the advantage of taking Huize Van Wely's Buffet Lunch menu is the perks of mini-cakes buffet you can see below! Pretty much all you can eat! How far can you go for these delicious little devils?

It doesn't feel like lunch itself, more like lunch with personal afternoon tea session <3.

The mini strawberry fruit tart was adorable. I am going back for more of this!

Complimentary Hot Coffee
Still on the "feeling blue" mode, a cup of hot coffee could warm me up! Another good thing to point out about the coffee served here: you can customize your own coffee starting from the acidity, the strength and the beans from the selections.

In a nutshell, my visit was splendid, the food was nice, expecting to try out their western food menu, each week the course theme is changing, there will varieties of menu like Asian, Western and Indonesian.

Anyway, you can also go and spoil yourself with the lunch buffet menu from Huize Van Wely for IDR 250k nett starting from 12 PM-3PM EVERY WEDNESDAY! 250k for lunch might sound expensive for some (and for Indonesian food), but for people who has been costumers of Huize Van Wely, they totally understand! The ala-carte fried rice itself is IDR 130k if you care to know. Personally, after all those buffet food and buffet cakes (and despite that it IS Huize Van Wely), I think it's still on a proper price, maybe the menu could be a little more various and some famous Indonesian menu like "Rendang", "Nasi Uduk" and "Oxtail Soup" could be added to the station.

Thank you Huize Van Wely for a great lunch/tea time :).

Level 1, The Papilion Kemang
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45AA
Jakarta Selatan 12370
021 - 719 0789 / 1975

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  1. Nice post!Loving all your photos!
    I want to travel jakarta again to eat :)

  2. Thank you for coming to Huize van Wely buffet lunch.
    We are happy to see you enjoyed the meal. Come again anytime!