The Two Chef Menu at Xin Hwa Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta

It was splendid that I had the chance to participate in the Two Chef Lunch Courses Menu at Xin Hwa Restaurant just yesterday and what's even more exaggerating is because this guy myself was capable of dipping my sense of appetite to the two master chefs duet: Chef Ricky Thien and Chef Jeff Lee's signature courses!

Chef Jeff Lee is the executive chef of Xin Hwa restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Jakarta and its "duet partner" for the whole week is a multitalented executive chef of Lai Po Heen restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Chef Ricky Thien. Undoubtedly master of Cantonese and Teochew dishes, Chef Ricky Thien is not someone you could mess with when it comes to chinese cuisine, not to mention his mastery of the field has led him to win multiple awards and recognitions in several competitions including the 5th  World Golden Chef Competition for Chinese Cuisine 2005, Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2009 with an Award of Excellence for the Most Outstanding Festival Cuisine and The Most Creative Dining Experience amongst others!

There were six courses presented on the day of the lunch and let me tell you upfront: NONE DISAPPOINTED ME! and I mean, NONE!

Chilled Fragrant Goose Liver wrapped in Rice Paper Roll
served with cress, tomato caviar, fruits and sweet sauce
This is a one awesome appetizer! The Goose liver or more well known as Foie Gras was cooked perfectly on a decent consistency, juicy and still having that signature liver flavor to it. I think it was such a genius idea having Foie Gras along with fruits because it was such a play of flavor in the mouth! The tomato caviar has this popping texture! This course was accompanied with a sauce that actually was Peking Duck sauce. Such an awesome opening.

"Cantonese style" Braised Bird Nest with Seafood Dumpling in Supreme Broth
Another decent appetizer course, the soup was uber tasty with rich flavor of the supreme broth. The dumpling was pretty generous along with generous filling. Another not-to-miss.

Braised Fish Maw, Baby Abalone, Spinach and Superior Oyster Sauce
Okay, first of all, stunning presentation. Baby Abalone's cooked perfectly, frankly speaking the top 3 best I've had in life (so far). The spinach is predictably to be sauteed and lightly seasoned before being formed. The Braised Fish Maw's also delicate: smooth jelly like texture but when it got in mouth, it melted!

Chef's Pan Seared Wagyu Beef Sirloin (Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce)

Juicy premium Wagyu with wok-sauteed vegetables (believe me, even the lightly seasoned veges were nice, the smoky flavor tells it all!). The Blackpepper sauce was on a decent consistency and balanced flavor, appropriate company to the whole course.

Mee Sua Noodles with Scallops in Kung Fu Soup
The noodle was deep fried for seconds, that's why it has that smoky scent and flavor to it, also the reason behind the golden brown color. The scallop's adorable and juicy and the soup is just... top notch!

LPH Signature "D24" Durian Pancakes
D24 is the top premium grade for durians, according to Chef Thien, the top 3 best states in Durian grading, well it's proven from what I had here, it was such a sweet and sort of memorable closing! I'd die to have another portion of this! In case you're wondering, those gold layers on top is 24k edible gold paper! The texture of this dessert was creamy with rich durian flavor and moist skin! Two thumbs probably not enough.

Six courses and six straight A-s! The lunch was incredible and just like what I've said earlier, no negative comments made to the courses, oh probably one: I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH! :).

Don't worry guys, if you want to enjoy the same lunch or dinner experience exactly like mine, you can go to Xin Hwa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta for this 'Two Chef Menu" promotion until the November 23rd! Mark your calendars! The menu will include some of Chef Thien's signature dishes and the price starting at IDR 588k++

Thanks Xin Hwa for such a splendid afternoon and for Chef Thien, since you're very kind to my tummy...

Tribute to you :).

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