Menya Sakura Ramen at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Went to this new ramen house in town at Lotte Shopping Avenue just a few days ago! Main purpose was to go to the Brightspot event but I gotta be honest, it was crap due to the mall's technical problem, because not only me, but almost everyone was complaining about the heat, especially when you got tons of people on the floor!

Anyway, this joint is another Japanese origin ramen, ramen is seriously trending here in Jakarta. In Japan, Menya Sakura currently has nine branches spread around Nagoya. In Jakarta, its first ever outlet located in Lotte Shopping Avenue's second floor, it's indeed a small store but it was such a queue that night. Well, no wonder, Indonesians (including me), always want to try out new trending things. The store looked like a good old ramen house with majority of wood application to the area, and just tables and chairs. Conviniently simple but in a way, got the point.

I came with three other friends and we ordered several dishes and we all had Tonkotsu Ramen as the "main star" of the dining. Pork broth is the best, but still it's NOT halal for some.

Tonkotsu Ramen
IDR 49.8k
Gotta say that this one's good! I love the thickness of the soup and the thickness of the chasiu! I think I was lucky because I got thick cuts when my friends didn't! HAHA lucky me! It might be average looking but the portion was actually pretty big! If I can compare, probably this one's pretty similiar with Ikkudo or Ikkousha as in overall tasting and it was decent.

Tori Don
IDR 28k
This came in a personal portion. The chicken was tender, the soysauce was really helping in developing the overall flavor. To be honest, this one's pretty good, maybe a little additional to make it more special.

Fried Chicken
IDR 30k
Sorry to say, but this was the disappointment of the night. There was hope when it first served to the table because it was freaking fragrant, but as soon as I had my first bite, it was so bland, very lack of seasoning, even when I had the sauce with it, it still wasn't helping so much. Too bad for the adorably fried and meat that's so tender.

Overall, I would say that I am fond of the ramen and I would come back for more whenever I feel like eating a hot bowl of ramen and happen to be in Lotte, especially due to the crazy rainy season lately. Pricing? For me still affordable, not much different comparing to the other brands, but it is when you start comparing it to Santouka or Ippudo.

OMG I have been eating like crazy lately almost everyday and there's just barely time for diet! *stressed*

Menya Sakura Ramen || WEBSITE
Lotte Shopping Avenue 2nd fl. #02A
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
021 - 2988 9256

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  1. *drooling all over the keyboard*
    Shame about the fried chicken, they look crunchy!

  2. Thinking about going here tomorrow for a ramen fix. I just hope the pork isn't cut thin like other places I've tried in Jakarta. Stingy!