Kenny Rogers Roasters Jakarta Celebrates Christmas!

I bet this brand needs no more introduction for it is probably one of the most famous restaurants in the whole universe! In Indonesia, Kenny Rogers Roasters already have 19 branches spread around shopping malls such as Grand Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, Pacific Place Mall, Mall Taman Anggrek and many more.

I was invited for lunch by this roasters giant, it was an early splendid Christmas lunch also the moment to introduce their Christmas menu. I obviously doesn't need too long to explain you guys about the meal at Kenny Rogers because I believe you guys have had this at least once in your life, if you don't, you'd probably start now and Christmas season is just the perfect time. Oh Christmas time, time to share the love <3.

They're having new beverages, another just-in-time lovely treats for Christmas!
Mambo Minty Chocolate
This beverage was such a treat, only I was expecting a bolder flavor of chocolate and something less sweet :). Other than that, it was good.

Milkshake Berrynana
From the two new beverages introduced, this one is my favorite one. This beverage is technically strawberry milkshake blended with KKR muffin. From the name itself, I was expecting a hint of banana but there was very little, more like almost none. Despite that, this drink was good and refreshing.

The meal served was their signature Pasta Meal, it's a quarter roasted chicken served with pasta (you can customize the pasta and they're served with bolognaise sauce) and side dish, here I had salad, not to mention each portion served with one muffin, your choice. Kenny Rogers Roasters is now bringing up the concept of "Healthier Alternative" menu, the pasta contains complex carbohydrate and of course, you can customize the side dish depending on your preference.
The chicken was tender, seasoned nicely and the mushroom sauce was the bomb <3.

Still remains my favorite muffin! The chocolate one is seriously good, make sure you eat it while it's fresh from the and soft.

In order to celebrate Christmas and New Year, Kenny Rogers Roasters is also introducing the Whole Roasted Turkey menu. Each purchase of the Whole Turkey Menu already include 6 side dishes, 6 home-made muffins and all for IDR 1.5million, you can freely place your order starting now until December 16th 2013! Mark your calendars :).

For more information you can contact them on the social network address below or send your email to

Thanks for such a lovely lunch Kenny Rogers! Your roasted chicken and muffins never fail to put a smile on my tummy!

Kenny Rogers Roasters