Balboni Ristorante Jakarta

I've been checking out this following restaurant for a while and finally got the chance to visit it couple days ago! Balboni Ristorante is an Italian fusion restaurant that's located in Kota Kasablanka, to be "exact" it was not exactly in the mall, but at the office tower next to it, but you can easily sneak in from the mall to have the access to this restaurant.

At first, I was already impressed with the interior of the restaurant. You know how I love restaurants with major usage of earthy material (woods, cement) for the interior, and Balboni pretty much knew what I love *wink*. The interior rang vintage, earthy, a little retro but with a touch of sophistication at the certain points. You would notice an open kitchen located exactly for the consumer eyes and a nice little bar for a more casual preference.

The other nice thing about Balboni Ristorante is its outdoor seating area which features a more relaxing and convenient. There were white couches for those who want to sit back, lay down and enjoy the moment. The weather was perfect on my visit, I noticed a lot of people relaxing (also without the "formal" outfit subtext).

Lychee Iced Tea
IDR 35k
A glass of refreshing beverage on the afternoon

Deviled Chicken Pizza
IDR 75k
I feel like in this case, the picture said everything. I freaking LOVE this pizza: one creamy pizza with generous amount of mozarella, chicken cuts, crispy thin crust and balsamic salad dressing. This one is pretty impressive.

Mushroom Ravioli
IDR 105k
This one was another impressive dish, the white creamy sauce was seriously the bomb, the ravioli was cooked perfectly with pretty generous amount of mushroom puree inside that had been lightly seasoned. Also if you guys love cheese, they're also giving generous amount of grated Parmesan all over the dish.

Durian Pannacotta
IDR 45k
For dessert, I wanted something that's a little sweet, creamy and cold, and since they have Durian Pannacotta on the menu, I guessed I wanted to give this one a try. My first scoop of the Durian pannacotta and I knew exactly that this one tasted more like Durian ice cream instead of pannacotta, I was expecting that kick of "real" Durian fruit and lighter consistency. Personally, I thought it was way too milky for my taste-buds but thankfully they served this with the crumbles, chocolate crispy dried bread and Caramel sauce on the layer underneath to balance out the flavor, but I gotta have it all together on the scoop.

I gotta confess something, I was experimenting with this dish. I noticed there was a rock salt in the grinder and I mixed the (certain amount of) salt with the (certain amount of) pannacotta on my spoon that I scooped (because at first I had this imagination that the taste would be dreamy) and guess what, for me, after putting in the salt, the flavor turned out to be wonderful. A little could save a lot :).

They're having an on-going promotion at the moment, simply follow Balboni Ristorante on Twitter and you'll get one chocolate praline made with love.

In a nutshell, despite the Durian Pannacotta, the courses served in Balboni were really good! The ambiance of the restaurant was nice, the service was also good (staffs were friendly and interactive). Pricing? relatively affordable for what they're offering to the costumers. There will be a second (and on) visit!

Balboni Ristorante
Kota Kasablanka, Tower A Lobby
Jalan Casablanca 88
Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2956 8712