The Royal Thai Delight at Sailendra, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta.

Last Thursday I was invited by JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta to attend the opening celebration of The Royal Thai Delight. This event was held in coordination with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to celebrate the "Loi Krathong", a legendary event, as well as belief.

For you who don't have any idea of what Loi Krathong is, it's actually a ritual which is held to glorify The River, which in Thai's belief, the sign of wealth and royalty. This festival's usually held on the full moon day in November. There was a little simulation close to the actual event, probably minus the real full moon. Usually in Loi Krathong's celebration, there's a ritual to release the tiny boat (more like vessel) made of banana leaves decorated with flowers and incenses, the vessel is the Krathong. The purpose, according to the belief is to release the bad energies from people's life and to welcome the presence of blessings. Well, in this case, it depends on people's belief, but I always manage to believe all the positive energies. I hope since I attended the event, I am now officially showered with blessings *amen*.

The tremendous food I'm about to spoil you with were handled by Chef Chatpong Homsaem from Marriott Renaissance Bangkok. Gotta give it to him, the Thai food creations were nice.
Chef Chatpong Homsaem and Mr. Karan Berry (General Manager JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta)

Mr. H.E. Paskorn Siriyaphan (Thailand Embassy) giving speech to the attendants.

The "Loi Krathong" celebration simulation, officially releasing the bad energies! \(^.^)/

The atmosphere was slightly different than the other common days, of course there were some Thai inspired decorations to live up the Thai ambiance. I ate like super crazy that night (since it's buffet and it's Sailendra!), Sailendra probably on my top three best hotel buffets, I have always been a fan!! Especially ever since my friend treated me for her sweet seventeenth birthday here.

Elephants! Thai's famous animal icon.

Going to show you guys some of my most favorite Thai menu from the buffet list, not going to show you guys the whole menu because they're just too common. I want to highlight the thai menu so you guys can drool over them!
Lab Gai
Thai Spicy Minced Chicken Salad

Yam Talay
Spicy Seafood Salad

Yam Som O
Spicy Pomelo Salad

Grilled Seabass with Thai Seasoning

Crab Station

Chocolate Cakes!

I call this "Chocolate Keris" for certain reasons, especially for its figure that's sort of keris-like.
Chocolate Fountain, sometimes I wish I could swim in a pool of chocolate. Must be very lovely.

Overall, I was impressed. Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of the Tom Yum, it would probably kick me harder if it was a little spicier and bolder, but I am really fond of the Khao Phat (Thai fried rice served with lime), Pad Thai (Signature Thai fried noodle), Kai Thot Takhrai (Deep fried chickens with shredded lemongrass) and the Squid courses! They were abdorably fresh.

For you who want to experience and spoil yourself  to indulge the tasty moment of Thai culinary, then this is surely not a promotion to miss! The Thai food promotion will be held from 7-30 November 2013 and available for lunch and dinner for relatively good price: IDR 248.000++.

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