JJ Royal Bistro Senayan City

A little teaser given by a friend who is also the head barista in the JJ Royal group: Ian Consulta, led to an inner private excitement and just today I finally got to visit JJ Royal Bistro which happens to be another venture from the coffee giant: JJ Royal, along with Gulaku (for the record they're in the same group). A little story to tell, it was such a tiring day today, I went to a famous chocolate factory out of town (not going to spoil everything until I release the post), what I thought would be a relaxing day somehow wasn't as pretty as what expected! The traffic jam was super irritating!!!

But since I am such a devoted blogger (no, actually just having the diligence at the moment), I couldn't wait to share this and actually writing this post at 2 AM! Blame my insomnia too, I should really take care of my sleeping hours :(
There's not that much significant difference with its brother JJ Royal Brasserie, only that it's located in a slightly bigger venue, inside a mall and more urban like, but if you ask me which one's better to hang out, from the moment I walked in, I knew JJ Royal Brasserie is more my kind of place, I love restaurants with great outdoor view and the feel of natural daylight :). The exact difference between the Bistro and the Brasserie is probably the mini bar in the middle and more main courses selection in JJ Royal Bistro (especially Indonesian), but don't worry, for a sweet tooth like me, the desserts are still available, there are even new creations coming!

Mango Iced Fruit Soda
IDR 35k
Refreshing sparkling beverage with great balance in sourness as well as sweetness from the half-ripe mango, don't expect this beverage to be like a sparkling water with additional mango syrup, this ain't that. This is fresher, more natural and in a way, unique. This one is recommended.

Left: Iced Lychee Tea - IDR 35k
Right: Iced Mango Tea - IDR 35k

Garang Asem
IDR 65k
I went here with two of my lovely fellow bloggers and we're craving for hot soups, but with touch of Indonesian culinary for our tummy! Yum! So we went with some of their recommended menus. This one is their Garang Asem. One thing I DO LOVE about JJ Royal restaurants is that they really do know how to cook appropriate meals, not to mention the Indonesian food. I was really fond of this one! The soup has awesome balance of the meaty flavor, sourness, a little hint of sweetness and all blended together creating this vibrant friendly flavor to the tongue. There was a little problem with the meat, it was a little hard but when we pointed this out to the manager, they're willing to change the meat and actually cut them for us. Gotta give it to the service!

Soto Pak Kumis
IDR 65k
Another decent loveable dish! One sip of the soup and I knew I couldn't stop and probably won't share any (just kidding). This is not your average soto mie, executed with fresh ingredients resulting a fresh flavor as well. This one deserves my thumbs up! Recommended!

If you like it hot, add chili to live up the flavor!

Pumpkin Ravioli
IDR 60k
The ravioli was cooked al-dente enough, the sauce was interesting: tomato puree sauce with strawberry, love the play of texture from the pine nuts. The idea of having this was to eat the whole elements together.

Winner Winner Chicken Pizza
IDR 80k
Was super fond of the perfect crispiness and the generous filling, but other than that, this pizza was not out-of-the-world good.

Some cakes rolling out of the display cabinet!

In a nutshell, I feel like I probably am falling in love with JJ Royal restaurants, it's just that the food they're having is really-really good. I have been to their restaurant several times and probably have tried 1/4 of the whole menu so far and they were all great! Points to add, the impeccable service! Frankly speaking, the price of their food is not exactly cheap, but it's still affordable and most importantly: worth it. If you haven't visit their outlets, then you should really go. You'll probably hooked on the first visit.

Cheers and happy weekend!

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City LG fl. Unit L-06 B1
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 2932 9262