Heavenly Blush PIM 2: Be Good with Yogurt Inspired Food!

It was such an honor to be invited for another fabulous Indonesian Foodblogger's event, and this time the event was held by the yogurt giant, Heavenly Blush. It's sort of amazing that even though the trend is changing and there's always a breakthrough in trend, Heavenly Blush still manage to be on top of the game for yogurt league. Bravo.

This event was held in order to promote the "Yogurt Inspired Food" by Heavenly Blush. Along with their motto "Wellness Yogurt Specialist", Heavenly Blush always try to provide you guys the natural based yogurt that's best for health, the food itself is fried, MSG and preservatives free, so you can (again) release your fear of the contamination of the evil stuff in your system.

The thing that I love about Indonesian Foodblogger's events are not only the *ahem* gorgeous food, but also the chance to meet the other members! From the three events I have attended before, I always make new friends, so if you are a food blogger, you can join the group and actually share your passion for food with the same people who share the same passion. Nice one.

To kick things off, I ordered a refreshing drink because I was suffering from the irritating traffic jam of Jakarta. That day was the exact day the Marathon competition was held and the major road that I usually took was blocked, it took me around two hours to get to PIM 2 and God knows how devastating it was. Sparkling Kiwi and Strawberry was my choice.

Sparkling Kiwi and Strawberry
IDR 37k
Refreshing drink with generous amount of Kiwi and Strawberry fruit chunks! The flavor's balance, just not too sweet and not too sour for me. A good starter.

I was in the mood for fish course so I guess their "Oven Baked Norwegian Salmon" would be awesome for me.
Oven Baked Norwegian Salmon
IDR 90k
I am very very fond of this meal because of...everything! I think the salmon was cooked appropriately and still leaving the skin to be crispy. The baby potatoes were also cooked perfectly on a decent temperature, and the vegetables were fresh! Everything was just served fresh from the oven. The yogurt sauce garnish also deserved my thumb up. The consistency was nice, the sweetness and sourness of it was also in a good balance. This dish is just awesome!

Japanese Yogurt Beef Wasabi Salad
IDR 80k
Technically, this is not my order, but I wanted to take picture of it and from the picture itself, I could tell that the meat's perfectly cooked and uber juicy. The roasted baby potatoes need no more to say because they were good. I think this is just another appropriate food to order when you're here :).

Right after the main course, you'll need dessert as well, well no need to worry because they also serve you with their famous yogurt, yogurt drink and cakes in the outlet, completed with fresh toppings to choose.

Did I mention that they have an on-going promotion right now?
Print this voucher to get the free treat <3. Terms and conditions applied.

See? Yogurt is freaking fun! No excuse not to love yogurt anymore.

THANK YOU Indonesian Foodblogger, Ricky Kapoyos from Heavenly Blush and all the lovely members of Indonesian Foodblogger community! Very nice to know you all, see you on another chance! CHEERS!

Wishing you all the best for days, months and years to come :).

Pondok Indah Mall 2
Restaurant Row, 3rd fl. #335
021 - 7592 0762 / 0957

Mal Kelapa Gading 3
2nd fl, #TK-201
021 - 4585 5057

Plaza Indonesia
2nd fl, #071
021 - 2992 3556

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  1. Very nice review, Hans. Wishing you good luck !

  2. Very nice post as always..and thank you for promoting IDFB, Mas Hans…IDFB loves you !

  3. samaan dong, akupun terjebak macet imbas Jakarta Marathon *toss*
    reviewnya asik