I just came back from Singapore a couple days ago. It was a short impromptu weekend getaway. I have always wanted to see how is Singapore doing with all the Christmas thingy because a lot of my friends told me that Singapore is really giving it when it comes to the Christmas decoration.

I had mixed responds about the Christmas decoration honestly.

I love how the Christmas deco looks at Gardens by The Bay, if you've been to Gardens by The Bay then you probably know that it's this quite spacious area and along December especially for Christmas, this area is transformed to this little heartwarming city - except it was raining hard so it's kinda chily and they have air-conditioning, but I honestly liked it because cold with very Christmas for me -. I am loving everything about the decoration! They apparently did a pretty good job with it, but unfortunately, I wasn't feeling it on the Orchard Road during the day, not that it looked horrible or anywhere near bad (except the plastic looking stars), it was the weather! That day when I was surfing Orchard, it was at a point raining very hard and suddenly turning to this ultra humid spot! I was super sweaty and feeling so uncomfortable, but aside from that, Orchard looked stunning during the night :)

This won't be a post with a lot of words and saying, this is more like a photo-diary, Christmas in Singapore in colors and let the pictures do the talking. Take this as the longer version of "Postcards from..."

This is when it started to rain very hard and that's probably why the photo was a little foggy, I sort of went straight away to the Gardens by The Bay short moments after landing in Singapore.

Gorgeous light display during the night!

The famous solar-powered trees!

Loving this fake afternoon tea displayed along the road.

One of the most fascinating details!

Some of my favorites iPhone and VSCOCam edited pictures and I've posted these on my Instagram.

 Ending the post with two of my favorite photos along the trip's the photos of me!!! HAHAHA taken by the amazing photographer Benny Lims! Thank you Mr. Benny for the pics. Super love them very artsy lah!

The trip was fun! I spent three days in Singapore, meeting some friends, eating some good food. It will take a while for me to post every single thing because my list is sort of full right now. I still have so many travel stories, reviews and ideas to pour. I sometimes wish there are like 5 of me but then I realize they will be burdens! LOL!

Thank you for reading! Cheers to you all!


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