Went to the grand opening of The Playroom at Pantai Indah Kapuk on the same day when I visited The Milkbar (posted!) and this new cool hangout spot is currently the hottest spot in PIK right now. Well why do I say so? Keep reading to know why.

Okay, I noticed not so many places in PIK that actually had the combination of a great looking venue mixed with class, fun, sense of humbleness and decent food. I still had a hard time finding a restaurant that actually serves good food, if I could name them, it's embarrassingly five out of a hundred. I think most Jakartans are aware that they go to PIK just to have fun, as well as how they are aware of the fact that the food might not be the best but not the worst either. but yeah, whatever. I still go to PIK to have fun with friends over decent desserts, ramens or casual dinners.

The Playroom is located at The Rukan Cordoba area and located just inside the building beside the well known Sate Khas Senayan. I was honestly quite impressed with the venue. It was B-I-G and spacious, definitely not my usual view of the common PIK outlets, and not only that, they also have two floors with the second floor hosting The Milkbar (the sister brand specializing in gelato creations). As you can tell from its name, The Playroom is technically where you can play and have fun and to accomodate that, they currently have the pool tables and soon slowly adding more games to the collections.
Say hi to Olivia, Pupupaula and Anastasia!
This picture resembles the amount of happy calories consumed that day! Pizza craze!
The food here is mostly dominated by western comfort food and you're going to find a lot of pasta and pizza options, but not only that, they also have several top recommendations such as their salad, appetizers and their chillers! I wasn't exactly happy with my shots because it was gloomy and since this event was an invited session, it was a little challenging when you want to shoot all the food but in the same knowing there are others who are waiting for you and seeing you take pics of the food like freaks and frankly speaking, I didn't try everything HAHA! It's surprisingly that after two years of blogging I now know that my stomatch is not actually a freaking bottomless pit,

So here are some that I managed to shot and try. I skipped on the Caesar Salad but it was pretty good and the ingredients used were fresh.

Hot Chicken Wings
Traditional deep fried chicken wings with a little twist from Playroom. I humbly admit to be loving the juiciness of the meat, the semi-crispy coating and the light seasoning to it, for me it wasn't actually that spicy, it was pretty mild. Good starter I must say.
Garlic Chicken Pizza
The consistency of the pizza dough was thick but fluffy like Pizza Hut's. I am currently into thin crusted crispy pizzas but aside from that, this was totally an acceptable condition. The toppings were also generous, nicely executed and flavorful. I only expected more sauce to create that bursting sensation to it.

Chicken Fajitas
Fajitas is actually a popular Mexican wraps and The Playroom offered two selections for the filling: chicken and beef. I happen to like the beef more (and I personally think I've always loved beef more) because chicken is actually a little trickier to cook. I expected the juicier and more tender chicken cuts but the seasoning and marinating was good enough. The tortilla bread's consistency was also good and properly thick.
Beef Fajitas
Pork Belly Carbonara
Personally for me, the champion of the serving that day must be this one! I really like their lovely Pork Belly Carbonara and food like this is best served freshly hot because in that case you'll still experience the juicy pork belly and the fresh cream! The overall flavor was a nice balance and for someone who doesn't actually take heavy cheesy milky creams, this was GOOD! The pork belly cuts were juicy, tender and quite generous for a portion. I highly recommend this one.
Bolognaise Spaghetti
Their take on Bolognaise spaghetti was good but I didn't see that this was anything out of the world good, but the sauce was pretty flavorful tho!
Because it was raining and friends came along, I stayed from 4 PM - 10 PM here. I came on the first day this cafe launched to the public and it was packed during the night! Bloody good business!

Beside their Pork Belly Carbonara, they also have the Pork Belly Aglio Olio Penne, it was good and the pork belly was still that juicy tender one I had on the Pork Belly Carbonara but for some reasons I think I like the combination of the homemade cream with the pork belly because  heycreated that little exciting contrast of texture and flavor.
I must admit I still had that little doubt before I actually tried their food because again, so many "just okay" experience with PIK restaurants but after trying their food, I was quite happy that there's finally another restaurant...more like good looking restaurant serving pretty decent food. If you read my post about The Milkbar, then you should know that I mentioned that The Playroom and The Milkbar are actually the business between siblings and the owners also run the highly successful Shirokuma, also in PIK. Well, let's pray that The Playroom will be just as successful as Shirokuma :).

The Playroom
Ruko Cordoba Blok F No. 1-3 (Above Sate Khas Senayan PIK)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
0858 9403 7723


Map for Sate Khas Senayan PIK

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