Say hi to Northpole!!! The newest dessert joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk!

Specializing in sweet treats such as ice cream (the creations) and gelatos, this place is guaranteed to be the upcoming 'hip' place for sweet tooth and dessert lovers. Northpole is located align with its famous neighbor, Shirokuma but comparing those two is nonsense since they're selling completely different stuff.

The venue was designed in such a minimalist setting with a little touch of sophisticated here and there, the whole area is separated to the semi-outdoor and indoor area. I of course prefer sitting outside because of the direct access to the daylight for the picture taking purpose. For some reasons, the ambiance of the indoor and outdoor is quite different. The outdoor area had this wood furniture set, it's just such a bliss for the eye when you look at the an area painted in white, featuring wood and natural daylight! EYEGASM MAX! The indoor area was very simple and proper just like the typical cafes, only they have catchy couches! The indoor area is also the gelato display area and hereby you can choose your favorite gelato from the 10 displayed! Rumor has it that they're expanding the flavor range!
I tried the Bailey's and it was pretty decent even though I expected for the bolder alcoholy flavor! The texture of the gelato was very smooth tho!
Just like Bailey's, Ferrero is NEVER wrong!

Hot Latte
IDR 27k
The application of icons to represent a company or a restaurant is commonly used in the nowadays' scene and Northpole is not an exception. They have three different icons of Siberian Husky (which by the way is my favorite dog's breed), they're just too handsome and cute to handle! The three icons were Coco (the black Husky), Walf (the brown Husky) and Cream (the grey Husky). The picture you're looking at is the Hot Latte with Coco's face as the latte art. I loved the presentation and that cute white cup!

Smoky Pan
IDR 68k
This "Smoky Pan" is their signature creation and presentation for this establishment. First of all, no it's not hot smoky, I think you're smart enough to know that the smoke is actually the reaction between the dry ice and the water. In the portion, you're going to have six different homemade ice creams served on the dessert plate and accompanied with one topping (fruity pebbles) and whipped cream (on request). The ice creams flavors range from the creamy to the fruit based like Thai Tea, Cookies Berry, Bubble Gum, Chocolate Lemon, Lemon sorbet and Cherry. I was super fond of the Thai Tea, Cookies Berry and the Lemon Sorbet. Loving the Thai Tea flavor because it was very unique and the other two for the touch of sourness to it. The texture of the ice cream was soft, smooth but the character of the flavor was quite bold and rich. Me love!

The case when it's not only sweet looking, but the impression was pretty sweet as well!

As long as they still have it, you can actually request for the color of the pans! They have pink, blue, yellow, violet and green.

Colorful spoons!

Electric Lemon
IDR 39k
Presentation wise... cute! How about the flavor then? Well not as sweet as how it's seen because in fact this dessert was pretty sour, but still cute tho... sour kind of cute! Inside you're going to find the lemon sorbet with toppings like deconstructed cheese cake, corn flakes, popping candy and crumbs. When I mentioned that the lemon flavor was sour, it's actually the addicting kind of sour flavor, yes, a little awakening but overall, quite fresh!

Salted Caramel
IDR 37k
Still from their "Creamy Pot" series, this one was another kind of it. The Salted Caramel creamy pot consist of salted caramel ice cream with milk pudding, corn flakes, crumbs and caramel popcorn. Must admit they're using good quality popcorns and one whole scoop was this burst of flavor (mostly creamy and dominated by the salted caramel ice cream) and a play of texture from the flakes and crumbs!

Fruit Loops Cone
IDR 15k
For 15k this was honestly the best deal! If you notice the cone with the fruit loops looking so cute right there, well they can be. I think they're using melted marshmallow to stick the loops together and stick them on the cone and what a freaking life hacks, they stick pretty strong! Normally the serving came with one scoop of mango ice cream and the mango flavor was one of my favorites because the flavor is rich and natural (they claim to use real Mango in the production process) and again, smooth texture. It's actually a very simple idea, but having the ice cream with the fruit loops was actually pretty yum!

Chick Affogato/Affogatea
IDR 35k
They also came with another cute dessert and they're naming them the Chick Affogato/tea! As you all probably know, the affogato means that they're using espresso shots to accompany the chick shaped vanilla ice cream scoops and on the other hand, the affogatea was using the Thai tea (not Thai milk tea) as the company. This was my first time having Thai tea as the "syrup" and I was actually loving it, but you have to have them all together because the Thai tea was very bitter. I found that I was liking it better than the good old affogato.

Left: Ferrero Waffle Pop (IDR 42,5k) // Right: Enjoy Your Beer (IDR 39k)
The highlight of the Ferrero Waffle Pop must be the crushed Ferrero Rocher! I stated earlier that Chocolate, Ferrero and Bailey's just never turn wrong and indeed reflected nicely on the desserts here. Presentation and composition I also love! The waffle stick was semi-crispy but nowhere near soggy! The other condiments were corn flakes (they used a lot of corn flakes btw), Vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

The "Enjoy Your Beer" was actually their alcohol creation and made from real beers! Funny thing about the presentation was that they actually served the ice creams with peanuts, just like the bars where you have actual beers with snacks. I didn't think the peanuts did anything impressive to the flavor, it's just the matter of presentation, but the impression I got was CUTE!

In conclusion, I honestly think Northpole serves yummy ice creams or the ice cream creations! In just weeks I noticed several cafes in PIK (and I believe more) is coming to try their luck on the cold serves but so far, humbly and proudly admitting it, I think Northpole so far serves the best ice cream in PIK with good price and without leaving you feeling ripped off (at least I didn't). Good luck with this venture of yours! My impression was good, probably just the little minor here and there but it's fixable! In days, more customers are coming and keep up the good service and quality!

Northpole Cafe
Rukan Crown Golf Blok A No. 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (daily)
Pricing: $


Map for Rukan Crown Golf PIK