Say hello to Milkbar! The newest joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk as well as its sibling, The Playroom. Both Playroom and Milkbar opened on the same day but aside from that, both is completely different when it comes to concept and product (going to do a separated post on The Playroom PIK soon), but this time I am going to be talking about Milkbar!

Little do you know that Milkbar is actually owned by the same owner who owns the famous Japanese dessert, Shirokuma, but technically, The Playroom is owned by her brother so it's literally business between siblings. Milkbar concentrated on the homemade artisan gelato using natural ingredients. Venue wise, when you try to compare Milkbar to Playroom is like comparing to an elephant and a baby elephant, I don't know why I am using elephant to describe it all I really want to say that Milkbar is far smaller comparing to Playroom and it's located on the little corner on that level. BTW finding The Playroom PIK was not hard either, it's located exactly beside (some call it above tho) Sate Khas Senayan PIK but you'd have to take the second floor to access Playroom and Milkbar. Even though the venue was small but I'd say that it's pretty eyecatching because it was bright and the colors popped up.

The first thing that you're going to see is the gelato display but my eyes got caught on the "melted ice cream" dummy used as decoration for the window-side table, it was just unique but pretty. The venue could accomodate probably around 20 people maximum and expectedly when it's full, you're going to have to stand up while having your gelato or you have it on the go.
They currently have 18 flavors (as displayed), I tried some and they were good (tried the Bailey's, Dark Chocolate and Pistachio) but I guessed I was mesmerized by the Pistachio so I ended up ordering one while my friends ordered Bailey's. The Bailey's had this rich Bailey's flavor - apparently they're quite generous with the Bailey's - and the texture of the ice cream was creamy but not milky for me, had this lovely balance of sweetness, short to say, it was a good Bailey's gelato.

 Looking pretty there ait! I honestly wonder how people set the gelato to look extra nice for the display, couldn't seem to think about it.
 How can you resist a Pistachio that good looking?
Generally, I quite like everything about this Pistachio gelato. The gelato had medium texture and consistency, meaning not very heavy and thick but doesn't melt fast either (and same thing happening to the Bailey's gelato so I am assuming the Milkbar's gelato texture is generally like this). I love the rich Pistachio flavor that I could sense but I wouldn't say that they are extra creamy, would love it if it's a little thicker because it would match the Pistachio character more :).
So hey, there's a new Gelato shop opening (probably) near you. I mean it's Jakarta and without the traffic jam, everywhere is actually easily accessible! I am so coming back for more flavors and not to mention, it's very affordable for one scoop, around IDR 25k or around $2.3.

Stay tuned for the review of The Playroom. Making the post now!

The Milkbar
Ruko Cordoba Blok F No. 1-3 (Above Sate Khas Senayan PIK)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
0858 9403 7723


Map for Sate Khas Senayan PIK

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