I don't really put that much care and attention when I first heard that little chaotic situation between this particular Ying Thai that I am reviewing with the one in Melbourne. There has been some "he said she said" thing going on, but I chose not to give a damn, because honestly, what I really care about is the food and that's what makes me feel happy.

Ying Thai is a Thai restaurant located in Pantai Indah Kapuk and soon enough declaring itself as one of the leading Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. This restaurant was quite spacious and me quite fond of their interior design, it's just my favorite: simple, proper with a little twist of playfulness and quirkiness from the mural illustration making it not only a good family restaurant, but also for the younger generation to dine and date here as well. I came here during lunch time and it wasn't very packed, their peak hour is during the dinner service.

Melbournians should know about this!

Their menu is (definitely) dominated with Thai cuisine, authentic with a little twist of adaptation to the local's palate (that's how I smartly explain it HAHA). Even though most of the menu is the sharing portion, but there are also the personal menus like fried rice and the good old Pad Thai.

Kiwi Lychee Tea
IDR 39k
This was for me, the ultimate thrist quencher that day. I love how refreshing this beverage was, sweet with a little hint of sour and fruity.

Yakult Blend
IDR 39k
Short to say, a Yakult smoothie. Flavor wise, rich Yakult flavor and not too milky for my taste bud.

Pla Lard Prik
IDR 69k
Pla Lard Prik is a traditional Thai dish of deep fried fish fillet with sweet and sour Tamarind sauce. I expected more sour from the sauce and personally since I couldn't handle crazy spicy stuff (and this is freaking spicy), I hope they could tone it down, but other than that, the fish was deep fried appropriately leaving the coating to be a little gooey and the fish was smooth and fresh. The sauce was tasty enough for me and fit the character of the fish pretty decently.

Gai Hor Bai Toey
IDR 39k
Gai Hor Bai Toey is actually the Thailand naming for "Pandan Chicken" and this Pandan Chicken from Ying Thai was beautiful! The marinated chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves and deep fried altogether. The benefit of using Pandan leaves is to have the aroma and essence of the Pandan leaves on the chicken so the chicken could be more fragrant and flavorful. I love how they cooked it in a good temperature leaving the chicken to be completely tender, not greasy. Flavor wise, it's a good balance between sweet, savory and smokey.
Som Tum Talay
IDR 32k
Som Tum is Thai's incredibly famous papaya salad, the character of Som Tum dish should be a damn good balance of sweet and sour and in away, fresh! I was glad that Ying Thai managed to create their own good version of their own Som Tum with seafood.

Yum Sam Grop
IDR 49k
This particular dish was my personal favorite and I highly recommend this to you all. It was an exciting Thai salad with prawn and salad as their main condiments, the highlight must be the crispy pork skin and I suggest not taking too long to photograph or else the crispiness will disappear. Overall, this was a beautiful flavorful dish, and I love the beautiful balance between the sweet and tanginess <3.

Ox Tounge Grapow
IDR 65k
This is their take on Gyu Tan Don but of course with Thai twist with the usage of deep fried basil leaves. The ox tounge was seasoned beautifully and the meat was tender enough for my liking. Again it's pretty spicy for my tastebud and I did expect the overall consistency to be a little moist, probably by adding more sauce on the rice, but that's just my personal preference, others might like it just how it is.

Tom Yum Seafood
IDR 49k
It's hard to find good Tom Yum in Jakarta, frankly speaking, this Tom Yum seafood from Ying Thai is the closest to my standard (or even on my standard). The soup was incredibly flavorful: spicy and tangy and you really-really need to have it while it's searing hot. I expected more generous seafood in the portion but for a IDR 50k and what I got, this was a good deal!

Thai Cassava with Coconut Sauce
Still my favorite Thai dessert! Ying Thai's version had decent texture (without being soggy) and the coconut milk sauce was the bomb to everything on the portion.
I browsed through their menu and they had so many menus, and based on what I experienced on my lunch time, I am so coming back for more. I wasn't disappointed with the food, there were just some minor issues (like the portion) but didn't really matter much on how I value the overall performance. The pricing wasn't bad as well, it was pretty worth it and the service was also good!

Short to say, it's not only a good place for you to dine, it's also a good place for you to hangout, not so many people actually hangout in Thai restaurant but this one just got the ambiance for it.

Ying Thai
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 8-9
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2952 5756


Map for Rukan Crown Golf

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