Went to this newly opened humble restaurant for lunch yesterday (not so humble anymore when you actually open in PIK) and I couldn't help not blogging about this because the experience was just good, okay, so far I have been spoiling what supposed to be the 'surprise' on each of my entries! As I am typing this, they're currently 5 days old, so it's very very new.

Warung Sangrai has been quite famous in Bandung (located in Jalan R.E Martadinata, Riau) for quite some time and they are one of the first to pioneer quails as the main menu on a single restaurant! The decision to open in Jakarta is just genius (keep reading to know why). Warung Sangrai PIK is quite easy to reach, it's located near the trending Shirayuki and the outlet was quite catchy as well, just pay attention to the logo on the photo above and you're on the right place.
The restaurant was this medium-sized interior and the design was very simple and proper for a casual restaurant, knowing that I am having quails and I mean Indonesian food in general, I just like the humble atmosphere of the restaurant, just perfect for quick simple meal with friends and family.
Since they're specializing in quails then you're going to find a lot of their signature quail creations and I happen to try MOST OF THEM! They provide two options for the quails: local and French and as expected, the French birds are BIGGER! HAHAHA I am literally talking about birds, not those birds in your mind you perverts! The quail creations range from the sweet to the very spicy ones and beware, the very spicy ones could burn your palate and I got mine </3, but if you enjoy very spicy stuff, you're gonna love it guaranteed!

Since Indonesian food is very related to rice and veges, rest assure as they provide white and brown rice (normally I go for brown for no specific reasons, it's just the less-guilt feeling) and condiments like fried tofu, vegetables, cauliflowers and many more!

For the beverage, their signature but not-so-signature drink is the Monster Ice Tea which actually the regular ice tea served in huge glass but for IDR 7k (iced), it's a freaking good deal.

Es Cincau (Grassjelly ice)
IDR 20k
As simple as this drink was, I actually liked it very much because it could be the ultimate thirst quencher and heat-reducer. It's basically grass jelly over ice, water and pandan syrup. Refreshing!

Strawberry Dinosaurus
IDR 22k
The strawberry flavor dominated the overall taste of this beverage, I suggest you asking for more ice because it's better to have it when it's colder.
Milo Dinosaurus
IDR 22k
I think everyone knows that Milo is good, but personally I have not been a huge huge fan of Milo ever since I was little and this is basically a Milo chocolate drink with Milo and that's it. I didn't find this anything special.
The overall view of the food I had that day! I know I know, me and my friends were such crazy baboons! FYI we just had lunch right before coming to Warung Sangrai and we could already hardly breathe. After this I honestly felt like the quails were stuck in my goddamn throat!

Sarang Komplit
IDR 13k
Fried tofu, fried soyabean cake, cauliflowers and cucumber.

Tahu Cabe Garam (Deep fried tofu with chili and salt)
IDR 13k
This was one of my personal favorites! I love their idea of using the batter and deep fried them together with the tofu resulting this soft and gooey coating. They intended to make the flavor slightly saltier because it's meant to be eaten with rice, but honestly, wasn't a big deal for me.

Cah Kuciwis
IDR 13k
Stir fried cuciwis with chicken. Seasoning was light but the cooking process was awesome resulting a quite flavorful dish. Love!

Kol Goreng (Deep fried cauliflower)
IDR 8k
Unexpectedly, one of the highlights of the lunch was this incredible Kol Goreng or deep fried cauliflowers! It was seasoned beautifully and for some reasons, I noticed the wok-hei aroma and it lived up the overall flavor. This was simply genius and since I loved it so much, they deserve a special tone (edited with VSCO), no actually I was too lazy to re-transfer the photos and re-edit them HAHA!

Tahu Gerus Pedas
IDR 13k
This was another delicious condiment, even though technically it's just fried tofu mixed with chili but there's something decent about the mixture of this, oh bloody Indonesian food I love you!

I mentioned that they have two base for the quails (local and French), for the local it's IDR 19k per piece and IDR 29k for the French quail, and after you select the quail then you proceed to opt for the level of spiciness! They have 7 levels of spiciness and Extra Rawit is the spiciest, followed by Rawit, Sambal Endeus (Soy sauce spicy), Cabe Garam, Cabe Ijo, Gocap and Original. There will be another IDR 3k charge when you choose either Extra Rawit, Rawit and Sambal Endeus, IDR 2k for Cabe Garam, Cabe Ijo and Gocap and none for the original. I tried the Rawit one and for me, that's freaking spicy, even though it's a little burning, but it's the good tasty kind of spicy! My favorite one has got to be the Sambal Endeus because there's a the sweet and spicy flavor in a portion!

Judging from the original quail, the texture of the chicken was still tender even though they're not entirely crispy, the seasoning was lovely and there's this signature scent of the fried quail remembering me of fried pigeons, but most importantly, they're YUM!

Puyuh Original (Original Quail)
This was the most neutral one and the chili was actually separated, making it the perfect option for those who don't desire spicy stuff.

Puyuh Cabe Garam
Moderate spiciness, enjoyable!
Puyuh Sambal Endeus
My favorite one, loving the perfect mixture of the spicy and sweet flavor! Dayum!
Es Sarang
IDR 19k
For IDR 19k, the portion was HUMONGOUS! This was actually a portion of ice jelly with milk, quail jellies and selasih seeds. The milk flavor wasn't crazy strong and overpowering my palate. I think I overused the word "simple" here but it's again, simple but very good!

Pisang Tusuk Milo
IDR 15k
Short to say, this was grilled banana skewer with milo and chocolate condensed milk, but this simple dessert could be the sweetest and most comforting thing! I love everything about it!!! They managed to use the fresh and sweet banana and since they're grilled, there's this little sensation of glazed caramel flavor mixed with the Milo chocolate flavor and the condensed milk.
An Instagram photo I uploaded yesterday.
I was quite impressed with everything that I had for lunch, even though me and friends was quite dying after a huge portion of meals, but we still managed to finish everything and we were VERY HAPPY! I highly recommend you guys going to Warung Sangrai, it's the perfect spot for you guys to have lunch during lunch break. Price wise, very affordable, I think the most expensive one here is only IDR 34k, you barely spend IDR 100k for two...or three.

The most simple things could be the best and most comforting. Thank you for the amazing experience, Warung Sangrai. Best of luck!

Warung Sangrai
Rukan Emerald, Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14440
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $


Map for Fresh Market PIK

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