I have been waiting for the opening of this place and just two days ago it’s finally open for public! I think if you have been following their Instagram or the well known chef, Arnold Poernomo then it’s not just a rumour that Arnold is one of the owners and minds behind this new establishment. I honestly like the name, it’s catchy without being cheap (even though they have “z” at the back without sounding alayyyyz) and it just sounds... FUN!

NOMZ is located at the newly opened deli, UNION DELI and sort of across it, venue wise, NOMZ is a little more spacious comparing to UNION DELI but one thing they're lacking of about the interior was the direct access to daylight and for someone who cares about my pictures (and if you are like me), then say goodbye to the artsy daylight pictures you’ve been expecting of, but if you have terrific editing skill, then that shouldn’t be the case!
The first thing I noticed when I made myself in was the cakes and pastry display! The cakes look fantabulously good and all created by the amazing Kim Pangestu, who I first met at the Magnum event almost a year ago. She actually recommended me to try their best sellers and highlights such as, but keep reading to see what I eventually order ;).

Iced Cappuccino
IDR 38k
I ordered their Iced Cappucinno but somehow was a little disappointed with the size, it was just small for my standard and for them to serve it with the small straw made it appear like a cocktail drink. Well cheers to that! Taste wise, the coffee was actually pretty decent!

Nomz Bahn Mi
IDR 85k
So far, their Banh Mi is one of the best sellers here. I was quite fond of the pork belly! It was quite tender and juicy, but I expected a stronger and more kick from the overall seasoning. I heard they're teaming up with Talita Setyadi from BEAU for the baguette, it's actually a good kind of baguette but I just feel like it's a little too hard and rough for a sandwich like this.

Szechuan Style Crispy Duck Leg
IDR 135k
This was Chef Arnold's personal recommendation. I had no problem nor complain for the crispy duck leg, I thought it was nicely executed, but I just didn't understand why they're using pancakes, and frankly speaking, the pancakes weren't my favorite. I honestly think either rice, sauteed potatoes or mashed potato would be a better fit, however, thumbs up for the chili chutney and the hoisin sauce.

Nomz Crazy Rice
IDR 110k
I actually had expectations for this particular dish, simply because when it got served to my table, the beef looked so freaking juicy and tempting but after I actually tasted them, the beef was okay and some parts were undercooked and hard, and I was expecting more kick to the flavor! According to Mr. Arnold, it was because of the fact that they're not using any MSG.

Half Roasted Baby Chicken
IDR 85k
This was a good dish: the chicken was cooked perfectly even though if the skin could be crispier then it would be even better, but the seasoning, sauteed veges (zuchini, carrots with rosemary) were lovely for my liking.
Urban Geisha
IDR 48k
This was too milky for my liking, even though I was quite fond of the vanilla-green tea sponge cake and the crunchy nuts on the top layer.

Be Merry
IDR 45k
This cake was my favorite of the week and loving everything about it! The texture was this jelly-mousse texture with salted caramel in the middle of the round. The berry flavor was quite rich but refreshing, unfortunately the salted caramel flavor was sort of blocked by the berry flavor. However, this was my recommended cake here.

This was the complimentary dessert, I didn't know the name but this was the flaky version of chocolate muffin. The flavor was quite yummy and the texture's of the pastry was really flaky with light flavored milk chocolate vla on the inside.

Bailey's Eclair
IDR 38k
I went to NOMZ twice but my first visit was only for the Bailey's Eclair, my impression on the first visit was just okay but suddenly sky-rocketed on the second visit because the Bailey's vla cream flavor was bolder and richer and the texture of the eclair was crispy!
My impression visiting NOMZ was pretty good, the food was generally good but since I had amazing companions on that lunch time, everything just felt good! Congrats on your opening and I am looking forward to many more surprises from you...and I expected!


Nomz Kitchen and Pastry
Central Department Store G Fl.
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 1211
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (closed on 12 AM on weekends)
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Grand Indonesia Shopping Town