Union is still my most favorite (not one of, but THE MOST) bakery in Jakarta. I don't know how many times I've come here for their uber awesome Red Velvet cake or simply every single cake in the rack, they are just addicting.

I don't live near Plaza Senayan and knowing that I now only need to travel less km-s for those guilty pleasures is such a berry happy news. This particular outlet is called UNION DELI and located in the newly construced Central department store in East Mall Grand Indonesia.

Just like the one in PS, the front part of the outlet is the brasserie and patisserie where you can see and choose the delicious cakes and pastries you want to have at that moment!
They're still adapting the minimalist industrial design from the PS outlet, it's still simple rustic, homey and in a way quite elegant even though area wise, it's not as spacious as the one in PS. Like!

I had the dessert break with some cool friends but since I haven't had breakfast, I also ordered their UNION Burger with Foie Gras (IDR 140k), unlike the disappointing burger that I had in UNION PS (like twice disappointed), I must say that this particular burger managed to put a smile on my face :). The beef patty (medium) and the bacon were juicy and tender, the buns were soft and fragrant thanks to the butter and condiments such as cucumber, onion and tomatoes were given inside and the serving portion came with pretty decent french fries, the fries were crispy but gooey on the inside and seasoned beautifully, not to mention, the whole dish was such a good portion for one.
Hot Cappuccino - IDR 30k

Iced Caramel Machiato - IDR 35k

Union Burger (with Foie Gras) - IDR 140k
We ordered the chocolate and mint pie but unfortunately couldn't take any pic because my friend thought I've done taking the pics haha no worries as you can see it here!
The chocolate flavor was very rich and once it got into the mouth, the mint flavor quicky escalade and blended with the dark chocolate resulting this amazing flavor balance and incredibly fragrant. The texture of the ganache was smooth and melt in my mouth! I honestly like it very much!

For the cakes, we went with their signature Red Velvet cake, since it's just a few days to Christmas, the deco was a little different with the green cream and red cream creating the leaves form like those you see under the mistletoe. Flavor wise, no doubt about it, still very good (and consistently, always been), but I felt the cake was a little moist on this visit comparing to the ones I regularly ordered.

Red Velvet Cake - Christmas edition
IDR 55k

Red Velvet Pie
IDR 50k
I fell in love with the Red Velvet Pie, it was super nice, frankly speaking, it's the signature red velvet cake in pie form, and since it's pie, you're going to have more cream than the cake itself, and I was so glad that the cream cheese wasn't overpowering my palate! This cake was such a goddamn feast for both eyes and tummy :). DAYUM!
I have nothing bad to say about my experience visiting this particular outlet, the food's great & the service was very attentive! I hope they could keep up with that! I wouldn't say that this outlet is 100% smoke free even though they mentioned that they have non-smoking area considering the venue wasn't spacious and smoke easily fly around, but luckily, even though the crowd was quite packed on my visit but not everyone's smoking. The pricing was pretty much the same as the one in Plaza Senayan, but again, not entirely pocket friendly.

Thank you UNION for always being awesome!

Central Department Store GF
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Pricing: $$$
Dresscode: Sporty Casual - NO SANDALS AND SHORTS!


Map for Grand Indonesia