Giyanti Coffee Roastery Jakarta

I have heard a lot of great things from this particular coffee shop and I couldn't handle myself from not coming here, even on the current rainy days like this, I am still on board.

This particular coffee shop is called Giyanti Coffee Roastery located in the Menteng Area, Jalan Surabaya No. 20 to be exact. It's a vintage coffee shop owned by a coffee enthusiast named Hendrik Halianto (and let me tell you, he is a coffee genius). Giyanti was divided into two areas: indoor and outdoor. I was pretty impressed by how the coffee shop looked because as you guys probably recall, I am an avid fan of earthy elements and minimal design for a coffee shop, Giyanti offered both and it was splendid of them. The venue was not very spacious, but it's a really homey and comfortable place to have a coffee break.

The outdoor area was a slightly more humid dring the day while the indoor area's air-conditioned all day.

Another tremendous thing about Giyanti that I need to highlight: no smoking allowed! Yes!!! And not to mention, the smoke from the cigarettes could degrade the coffee beans quality.

I went here with Aline from Foolosophy, she is my feast partner-in-crime, hence you could call her BEAST (jk). We ordered two cups of coffee and some pastries to save the day. For your information, Giyanti brews Single Origin coffees and the fabulous espresso machine was the La Victoria Arduino *bling*.

Cappuccino (with Bali Kintamani beans)
IDR 34k
Let me just cut this short and crowned this THE BEST CAPPUCCINO I HAVE HAD SO FAR IN LIFE! Yes, when I am THAT sure to label something as "the best" then I must have meant it! I love how Mr. Hendrik could read me and pointed that I must loved chocolaty coffee (psychic much?) but he was right on the spot and his cappuccino creation was just perfect! I would really love you guys to have this on your visit. This one was different in a gloriously good way.

PS: The latte art should be a lot better than this comparing to the next order (piccolo) but I was like 5 minutes late (thanks to the traffic jam stuck) so Aline went to order first.

Piccolo (Bali Kintamani Beans)
IDR 34k
This cup of Piccolo was awesomely brewed, loving the balance of the coffee and the steamed milk creating a lovely overall flavor. If you guys wondering what Piccolo is, it's actually tasted more like a latte for me (and I am answering this based on my experience) only it's slightly different on the presentation.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies
IDR 25k
This came with rich chocolate flavor but I found this way too milky for my taste bud, if you appreciate milky flavor to your meals, this one would be lovely for you.

Almond Croissant
IDR 25k
If you wished for a crispy coating croissant with buttery flavor, then this one might not be for you, but what I can tell you that this croissant was so moist and the flavor was just beautiful. I found this really decent to be honest, how about you?

Overall, my visit Giyanti was superb! I had a nice quick chat with Mr. Hendrik, it was glad to share...err, wait a second, I didn't feel like sharing anything because Mr. Hendrik gave me worthy information about coffee while I didn't (forgive this loser) and most importantly, the coffee was spectacular. I easily awarded this as ONE OF THE BEST COFFEE SHOP IN JAKARTA. Period. I am missing the cappuccino at the moment.

Attention please, Giyanti is brewing the coffees only from Wednesday to Saturday from 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM, they're closed for roasting beside those days.

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
Jalan Surabaya No. 20, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Opening Days: Wednesday - Saturday
Opening Hours: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM

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  3. I agree! Their cappuccino is da bomb!