SumoBoo Dessert Pantai Indah Kapuk

The place was really cute how could I pass this? I have been checking out this place for a while, even when it's still under construction when I happened to be in the neighborhood, but eventually skipped it for ramen (probably my main goal going to PIK). After it's done and the eye-catching yellow color of the building seemed to spark out, I couldn't wait any longer, plus it's serving desserts!!! Sweet tooth freak like me won't say no!
First impression of the venue was HOMEY! I love the generous wood application to the whole interior, it's like 80% of the interior was wood with splash of pastel colors on the furnitures and 'BOO' pillows. The vibe was earthy, vintage-ious and super comfortable, the air-conditioning was cool too. I just felt like I was somewhere in a Japanese cafe fantasy I saw on movies.
After scanning the cafe, the window seat was the one that caught my eye in a gaze, not only that it had the best lighting, it also was just the perfect spot, tiny but comfortable. I totally love the vibe of this cafe during the day, it had the perfect amount of sun rays soothing in without making you feel the heat at all. Seriously, I don't give a damn about the size of a cafe, if it could bring back the home atmosphere. I am hooked.

My date that day :).
I went here with my mom and dad since we're craving for something to eat but mom's too lazy to cook. This is a decent candid picture taken by dad, left was my hand with the camera.
The menu was printed behind the paper table mat and I was super impressed by the range of selection they're having in the cafe. Based on my experience, I think SumoBoo had the most range of menu starting from beverages to the ice desserts comparing to the common brands. Some of the unique menus that I found were Japadog (Japanese Hotdog) Ice, Parfaits, Mochi desserts and Japadog Umami. When I posted a photo teaser to my Instagram, some of my followers told me they also had really nice savory snacks, but I didn't have them on my visit.

SumoBoo's Dessert #5 (Bomb Ball, Big Boba, Mochi, Ice Cream, Red Bean, Pudding and Taro)
IDR 30k
SumoBoo's dessert number 5 was my pick for the day. I looked at the generous offerings of toppings from the menu and I start imagining this foodporn so I decided to give it a try! As you can see, it's clearly NOT little and the toppings were indeed freaking generous! Completed with milk (separated). Flavor? Extremely good, perfect balance of sweetness and the toppings were also really great in texture, especially the pudding, smooth! And the uh-mazing Matcha ice cream that I think also being used in other stores as well (I heard they're Diamond or something). If you love milky stuff then this one will be a decent companion for your visit. Definitely must try.

Even my mom and dad who were such critical about food declared that they loved it. Enough said.

Presentation's also nice! Plus point added *tick*.

Boo!! Strawberry Kakigori
IDR 30k
Okay, the presentation blew me away! It was clearly cute and that whatever face he's making just made it harder for me to eat it. Technically, I thought it's a one simple dish: rough crushed ice with strawberry sauce and jam, condensed milk and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream tasted just right and the this whole dessert was decent. Again, awesome sweetness balance and decent presentation.
Boo!! Kakigori also available in 5 other different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha, Ogura and Black Sesame. All for the same price.

Half "mutilated", freaking psycho I am!
To cut things short, I loved my visit to SumoBoo! I think they have seriously great desserts with great prices, but since I ordered just two out of zillion, I hope I wasn't just lucky... I do expect them to really have great desserts. The irritating thing about me reviewing some restaurants weas that the second visit mostly wasn't as pleasant as the first one, but I am not that diligent to give an update to the blog so I just told all my Instagram followers about the update. Well, at least I update right? :). So you could pick these two I have tried or wisely pick whatever you think have the potential to match your standard ;).

Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk (The same line area as Ikkudo Ichi)
Jakarta Utara 14460
021 - 9662 8677
Opening Hours: 12 PM - 11 PM