Honeybean Dessert Pantai Indah Kapuk

I know I know, I can hear you guys already, you must be wondering why the hell am I posting so many dessert places this week?!

It just came unplanned! The last few posts of eatandtreats were the ones I had this week, I know right, crazy, and I thought they were worth blogging, actually I still have another one that I haven't blogged yet: Tong Fu. Madness.

Honeybean is the newest dessert house joint in Pantai Indah Kapuk's boulevard of guilty pleasures. It's unarguably that the Taiwanese dessert phenomenon is mad crazy at the moment and when one trend's rising, it's like everyone's competing to be mainstream, even though I am not into mainstream things but I still like desserts tho :p.

Honeybean is located just beside Tong Fu and few stores away from Hong Tang and to be honest, I didn't notice a significant difference between those three when it comes to the exterior and interior design except for a little interior play, logo and color. Don't forget they all sell Taiwanese dessert, only I guess Tong Fu sold more fruit based dessert selections.

Mango Royal #1
IDR 39k
Gotta tell you guys upfront that I was a little bit disappointed when this came to my table. The portion was just small, I was expecting it to be a little bigger or at least not that small. I immediately tried one scoop after I finished taking photos and guess what? It was NOT cold and the vanilla ice cream melted so quickly. I thought it had shaved/crushed ice inside :(, and not to mention bazillion people packed the outlet and it was just crowded it was HOT. Overall, it tasted like plain mango cream dessert. I was expecting something much more refreshing and bold.

Lovely Jelly Crushed Ice
IDR 38k
This was the savior of the day. I think every brand that tries to imitates this following dessert mostly succeed but the not-so-surprising thing from this was they all tasted almost the same and nothing too significant to emphasize anymore. It's also almost like the ice cream, in this case, Matcha ice cream is the bomb to these desserts. However, this one had a generous portion, smooth grass jelly and Matcha ice cream to save the day. One of the recommended one as well as best seller here.

Red Bean Specials
IDR 38k
If you really love red beans then you would love this but as for me, I wasn't really into this one because the beans were too much, a tad too sweet and there was no other elements to play around (like textures or flavors) so I found this dish to be a little boring and plain. However, the red beans were fresh, but again, if you really love red beans then this might fit you, maybe they could add a little milk or one scoop of ice cream to make this scream.

Overall, my experience with Honeybean was just okay but nothing really wow-ed me, except for the fact that so many people line up for desserts, I even saw some who were willing to sit on a chair outside the restaurant area just to have a bowl, I know right.. insane, but I think I would come back for some of their highlight desserts because I heard they have good coconut pudding.

In the mean time, I hope if any brand happens to open this kind of dessert house, please be nice and UNIQUE because it's starting to get a little too mainstream.

Rukan Garden House Blok B23
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
021 - 2903 3623