Tanamera Coffee Roastery Jakarta

Found a brand new decent coffee shop in town and happened to visit it a few days ago, say hi to this new joint called Tanamera Coffee. Tanamera is located in the Thamrin City Office Park, relatively near Grand Indonesia.

Have been hearing the buzz of this coffee shop again thanks to social media because some of my fellow food blogger friends went here the other day.

The venue was not spacious and more like petite, but there's something about how they decorated the interior and transform the small venue to a coffee shop with homey ambiance which somehow makes you want to spend a little more time sitting in. I personally think the maximum seating capacity of this coffee shop would only fit around 15 people maximum and in this case, it's nice because sometimes I love when a coffee shop's not too crowded and everyone mind their own business.

PS: this post is going to be photo heavy, ironically, my coffee shop entries always include heavy photos, they are just too pretty to not be captured!

A little behind the scene of what you see in front. He is also in charge for the interior design.

For the beans here, they're using local coffee beans (yes, support local coffees) and I truly appreciate this fact because it's not a secret anymore than local coffee beans could produce such decent beverages with great quality, almost premium like actually and I'm not overrating this.

The kind peeps from Tanamera allowed me to take photos (thank you for that!) and I got the privilege to see the coffee making process which I am sort of obsessed about after liquid nitrogen ice cream making process. You can customize your coffee here starting from the beans to the brewing process.

They also sell various good looking pastries.

Latte art in the making.

Manual brewing process, here is using the Kalita Wave brewing process. I tried the coffee and it was sort of medium with fruity flavor and a little spicy and therefore awakening. Some could go heavier than this.

I ordered one cup of single origin cappuccino for IDR 30k and it tasted just decent and right even though it's a little light but overall just how I expected. Frankly speaking, they don't have large range of coffee selections, but their coffees were made for the goodness sake. To accompany the coffee and the loner myself, I had one slice of Chocolate Coffee cake (IDR 27k). Right when I uploaded a photo to my Instagram, I received comments from my blogger friends saying that I should have ordered the Banana Cake because it was the bomb, but then I decided to purchase and take away (but sorry didn't manage to take picture), and they were right, it was the BOMB, so so good with generous caramel syrup, chocolate and nut chunks in the cake, but overall still a decent balance of sweetness and moisture. Major must try.

The Chocolate Coffee cake was good but a little dry for my bud and I'd go with the Banana Cake if I have to compare.

Aidan, the nice coffee roaster ask me to join him to see the roasting process. They're using a more sophisticated machine comparing to Blumchen (the one in SCBD, blog post soon) and I heard this one machine could cost you one car... stunning. I love how the smell of the roasted coffee lingered in the room, super love the scent of coffee.

Half-roasted Aceh Gayo coffee beans with natural process. The fully roasted Aceh Gayo beans would be dark brown in color, and the beans would be larger in physique but lighter in weight, and it's true that coffee beans roasting process is not completely easy, you need someone who is an expert in this field.

Fully roasted coffee beans, darker in color and smells good.

It a nutshell I had a pleasant visit to Tanamera coffee. The peeps were really nice and friendly, the baristas were also helpful. The coffee was also decent and the venue was comfortable. Despite the small petite venue, I have an enormous love for this coffee shop and will return for God-knows-how-many visits :). This place is surely recommended for both amateur or serious coffee enthusiast.

Thanks for the great time and great coffee, Tanamera! You rock!

Tanamera Coffee Roastery
Thamrin City Office Park AA07
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2962 5599
Opening Hours: 7AM - 6PM

7 komentar:

  1. Have you tried Giyanti Coffe at Jl. Surabaya no 20, Menteng?
    I sure that you gonna love it.

  2. hi! im a fan of your blog and i read it a lot, very nice reviews :) however i find that you use the word 'decent' quite often. im just wondering do you mean it in a way that the food/drink that is decent is very good, just good, or so-so? because as far as i know the word 'decent' describes an acceptable standard; satisfactory, also good but not great, though you seem to use decent to describe great food.. im sorry if this is offensive but i just want to get a clear meaning from it. thank you :)

  3. YEAH ! I love tanamera coffee so much. Great to see so much positive comments from you. Hope you will be back to tanamera and bring a lot of friends there..

  4. deket kantor gue hans. hahahah,

  5. Coffeegeek wannabe3 Oktober 2014 pukul 08.27

    No offense but some things are wrong here, to note, the brewing device you took the picture of is not a Kalita Wave, that's a Hario V60 Dripper, these two are quite similar but different altogether, and please do define premium coffee, because Indonesia does produce lots of great coffee beans. I am only writing cause i don't want those who would like to learn more about coffee to be disoriented

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