Reopening: Paulaner Brauhaus Grand Indonesia

Paulaner Brauhaus is finally reopening its store in Grand Indonesia! Woohoo! I have been missing their Pork Knuckles for ever and for them to finally opening its store was splendid. This time it's located at a bigger venue of Grand Indonesia east mall's second floor. The venue was bigger, the crowd was more packed and the ambiance was better than ever, FYI they're still under the same management of Kempinski Hotel Jakarta.

I didn't take any photo of the interior because it was so dark and the place was so packed it didn't feel too good and relieving to take photos, I know right, food bloggers first world's problems, not to mention when people saw you holding DSLR and taking photos in the crowd, I could hear them talking about me already HAHAHA whatever if you don't know what I am doing just keep talking about me behind my back because that's where you belong *defensive*

It was a beautiful reunion dinner with my high school best friends and I had a great time, the food was nice, the ambiance was decent and the service was also good. Here are some of the dishes that we ordered. Even though I have been missing their pork knuckles, I didn't have that on this visit because I had that on the previous visit so I wanted to explore more dishes, but they seriously have crunchy lovely pork knuckles.

Paulaner Brauhaus Home Brewed Beer
IDR 85k/glass
As in pricing for a glass, it was kinda heavy, but this beer tasted so damn good and refreshing, and those who didn't like beer in the first place would probably start loving this. I love how this was not too bitter and too strong. One hell of a good beverage.

Paulaner Pretzel
IDR 23k
Pretzel fresh from the oven, still warm, fragrant, having this with butter would be good and I love how they're dressing the pretzel with salt to add up the flavor play.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
IDR 115k
Super fond of this dish because of...everything on the plate! Loving how crunchy the coating of the chicken and how tender the meat was and those generous amount of melt-in-your-mouth cheese. The boiled vegetables were also lovely with only little seasoning.

Half Roasted Chicken
IDR 85k
I have been having zillion roasted chickens because I just love them and this one sky rocketed to my top 5 list! The coating was just crispy but still managed to keep the tenderness of the chicken meat. They seriously have delicious fries and I love the fragrant of this fresh-roasted chicken because it was damn appetizing and seriously inviting. Well done Paulaner ;).

Char Grilled Pork Neck Steak
IDR 95k
What makes this following dish special was the fact that it's marinated in beer for 24 freaking hours to emphasize the flavor, tenderness and uniqueness, Paulaner style. Even though it's cooked "well done" but I was still fond of the meat because it was tender and juicy, especially with the gravy sauce dressing. I initially thought that this dish was accompanied by mashed potato but I was wrong, it was actually fermented vegetable salad which was cold and sour! It was not bad but not my slice of cake.

Vienna Sausages
IDR 95k
The sausages were cooked to perfection: still juicy and moist inside, loving that juicy feeling when you chew the sausage meaning it was decent. The side dish happened to be the same as the previous course, it was the fermented vegetable salad. Mashed potato should be nice! *growl*.

Paulaner Black Forest Cake
IDR 55k
I am very critical about dessert because when a dessert went wrong, it could go horribly wrong and this one was clearly NOT one of the fail ones. In fact this was uber good!!! More like great! I love the fact that the base was mousse, it was creamy but not overpowering to cause you feeling a little bloated. The sweetness was decent, there's a little hint of the rhum (yes Black Forest baby). Overall it's a dessert you must try! Not too light but not too strong for my taste bud.

Home Made Warm Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce
IDR 55k, additional 30k for ice cream.
Initially, an apple strudel is a decent dish already but I found it more interesting if I added one scoop of ice cream to cheer up the plate, but unfortunately I had to pay 30k for one scoop which I found pretty hideous. However, despite the overpriced ice cream, it tasted good but not fantastic. The fruit filling was generous but I was expecting more hint of sourness from the plate.

If you haven't been to Paulaner Brauhaus, I would recommend this place for lunch or dinner with your loved ones. Paulaner Brauhaus' meals are mostly in GENEROUS portion and some you could even share with another friend. The food was decent, service was good and as in for pricing, I would say still reasonable for lovely German courses with generous portion, but frankly speaking, the beverages were a little heavy on the price.

Did I mention how much I love the fact that the restaurant divided the areas for smokers and non-smokers because I truly have huge respect for restaurants who do this on purpose!

Paulaner Brauhaus
2nd fl of Grand Indonesia East Mall
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 
021 - 2358 3871