It's awesome that I have been updating regularly lately, simply because I have the diligence to blog the pending posts. I have been mad busy I deserve a freaking holiday!

The content of this post was technically executed in 2013 because this was my Christmas eve dinner with my best friends and we chose Publico because we never tried the meals here (I onced tried their cronuts but wasn't count but it tasted pretty good) and we need an awesome ambience, we need to go somewhere rich nice without feeling ripped off. We did the reservation and hell yeah it's needed during Christmas eve because I heard so many restaurants were packed (full).

The ambiance of the restaurant was okay, but still, since we went during the night, it's so dark! I could imagine this place had the potential to be really beautiful during the day because there was large window for the access to outside view, imagine having natural sunlight coming in (*.*). I just dislike the fact that I had to be seated in the smoking area and on the third floor, probably the most uncomfortable seating but since it's Christmas eve and it's freaking crowded, I could take it.

PS: pardon the photos, it was hideously dark and yellow. I really did struggle to take decent pictures.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 25k

Iced Peach Tea
IDR 25k

Mango Smoothie (not the real name, I forgot)
IDR 35k
Surprisingly enough, the beverages were pretty affordable comparing to the restaurants in the same league. Me loving the Mango smoothie beverage, it was not the real name I completely forgot but it's on the mocktail list, it was really good, creamy but refreshing.

Wagyu Beef Burger
IDR 80k
Presentation was okay. The beef patty was good, moist, tender and the buns were soft. One good dish even though it's not out-of-the-world good.

Clam Cream Angel Hair
IDR 65k
For me, this dish was just okay, not spectacular. The pasta's cooked al-dente which was the plus point and the clams were not stinky and quite fresh :).

Publico Roasted Chicken
IDR 95k
This was the half-bomb of the night for the meal (wait until you see the dessert!). The chicken was tender, the skin was crispy, the mashed potato and the sauteed veges were ZOMG really good! I had this meal without the orange sauce because I thought it's better OFF the sauce, the orange sauce just kinda destroy the genuine flavor of the already-awesome roasted chicken.
If you notice why I said half-bomb, it's because I was sort of stunned because when I cut the middle area of the chicken, there were a little part where it's not cooked and there was blood, really unfortunate, despite that, the rest of the chicken was decent.

Publico Rubbed Burger
IDR 80k
If I need to choose between the wagyu beef burger and this, I would go with this. They're using the same beef patty, only the patty used here was marinated in spices so it was strong in aroma, some might not be a fan but surprisingly, I was fond of this. Buns were awesome.

Publico Creme Brulee
IDR 60k
This was clearly one of the BEST desserts I have ever had in life! Presentation was pretty too! The texture and the flavor of the creme brulee was just uh-mazing and love the fact that they're using the coconut ice cream on top of it (actually would love to try having the vanilla ice cream topping too). Consistency of both creme brulee and ice cream were incrdible. Love the play of texture of the crumbs. I adore this! Must must try!

Valrhona Mars Chocolate
IDR 60k
Again, another dessert with pretty presentation and already a porn for the eye. One scoop of this and it was such a decent one. I love the consistency of the chocolate mousse and the flavor because it was not sweet but not too bitter as well. I love how they play around with texture from the crunchy crumbs. Another dish worth to try.

In a nutshell, my visit to Publico was good, probably because we're celebrating Christmas and I had my best friends with me. From the food POV... nice! Service was "meh" because we were asking for the food to come out so many times, but again since it was Christmas eve, you need to kind of prepare for this scenario. I hope my visit next time would be better in service, and I will... I'll come back for more food and for that filthy (in a good way) dessert!!! Well, hopefully at lunch time because I wanna feel the day ambiance of this pretty place :).

Publico Bistro and Bar
Jalan Senopati Raya No. 65
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 5296 4960

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