McDonald's Beef Prosperity

How was your first day of this brand new year? Mine wasn't actually pleasant because I got so sick and exhausted on the NYE I was about to sleep it away, but unfortunately the freaking fireworks was boom boom booming for hours and I couldn't sleep! *first world problems*, but good thing I managed to make a simple NY illustration (see above).

And oh, yesterday was my dad's birthday so we had a little family dinner. Mom prepared a home-made shabu-shabu and I posted it on my Instagram. It was a nice dinner ;).

Fast forward, I am so happy that we are finally in 2014. We made it this far! Thank God!

To kick things off and also as the first eatandtreats post of 2014. I am going to post something that has to do with "prosperity". Of course I want a lot of prosperity to be in my life this year! Who knows this year is mine *fingers-crossed*.

Any idea what the picture below is?

McDonald's Beef Prosperity is my numero uno favorite burger from McDonald's! Just look at the picture below and it's legal that I don't need to explain anything. Me super love how juicy and tender the beef was, the soft buns and the super generous blackpepper sauce, but the only thing missing was more onion cuts! It's true that it has this spicy sensation, but not super hot for my taste bud, but for those who don't like spicy food, you might wanna reconsider this.

McDonald's Beef Prosperity set came with Twisted Fries (unfortunately were cold that day) and Mango or Blackberry Fizz (sparkling soda beverage with mango or blueberry syrup and chunks of Nata). You could choose between the single or double patty. For the single set, it will cost you around IDR 43k (after tax and upsize) and IDR 70k (after tax and upsize) for double set, but if you want the burger itself, the retail price for single patty is IDR 31.5k (after tax) and for double is IDR 48.5k (after tax).

Such a refreshing beverage, super like!

Probably the shortest post I have ever written but it's so good I don't want you to miss this. I am kinda late because it's actually introduced to public years ago, I think I first had this around two years ago and still remains my favorite seasonal burger of McD!

The Beef Prosperity burger promotion usually ends in February so you better hurry up!