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Been receiving a lot of pressure requests from eatandtreats readers for me to post the SG trip ASAP and here I am doing it right this second!

It’s 12 AM and since I am a night owl, I do most of my entries during the night because this is the time when I feel the most comfortable to write, and I always wear the ugliest old t-shirt when I am writing the blog posts if you care. Such an 'important' news to share.

Enough with the intermezzo and to kick things off, the very first post from my latest Singapore trip will be about this restaurant I went during my stay in Singapore called Wild Honey. This particular eatery was initially on my list to have breakfast (after days of stalking on the internet), and in fact so many of you recommended me this restaurant on Instagram, hence I dedicate this post to you! Yes you, thanks to you!

There are two Wild Honey(s) in Singapore, one located at the Mandarin Gallery and the other one located at the Scotts Square. The one in Scotts Square, venue wise, more spacious and more vibrant, the one in Mandarin Gallery was a little more quiet and reserved, also what makes them different was the way of service, in Mandarin Gallery, it’s all about self-service while in Scotts Square, it’s the common ‘table service’ like what applied in most restaurants. One thing that's pretty common about those two, they're always packed.

I easily got hungry in Singapore, I wasn’t sure if it’s because of the tempting cafes or the natural beast that I am, I got hungry most of the times. It was around 11 AM and I haven’t got anything to eat so I need a pretty large breakfast... ehm more like brunch. I went with the Tunisian Breakfast ($19) while Chris (my super helpful mate during my stay in Singapore, more about him on the upcoming posts!) ordered the Norwegian Breakfast ($26). Good thing about Wild Honey is that they're serving all-day breakfast menu! If you're a big breakfast person, this might be just the perfect place for you!

Tunisian Breakfast
$19 / IDR 180k

Presentation wise, both dishes were beautiful. The Tunisian Breakfast's presentation was executed well enough to make me drool over, not to mention, this was an effortless beauty, I probably took only 5 shots of this and done! I presumed this dish was going to be a little spicy because Tunisia is a country in the northern Africa which is sort of well known for its spices, and my presumption was correct, even though it had that kick of Shakshouka spice (tomato, onion, red pepper and chili), but overall it was not overpowering the whole meal, and in fact, I love how well they were with the dose. I felt the spices just clicked very well with the runny soft-boiled eggs. The Tunisian breakfast came with two slices of homemade bread which were soft, fragrant and short to say: soulmate to the dish. The salad side was also fresh even though I was expecting a little hint of light seasoning to it. I had this with a glass of Iced Valrhona Milk Chocolate ($9) was just the perfect companion, it wasn’t overpowering the ‘creamy’ course that I had.

Norwegian Breakfast
$26 / IDR 247k
The Norwegian Breakfast was basically an “eggs benedict” with the addition of Smoked Norwegian Salmon wrapping the soft boiled poached eggs, Asparagus, Avocado, Hollandaise Sauce and Salmon pearls as dressing and all on top of whole wheat-brioche. Presentation wise, awesome. The eggs were perfectly poached and still runny which indicates the perfection of cooking, on the other hand, the smoked salmon was also beautifully cooked, fresh and lightly seasoned without any distinct smell. Short to say, beautiful dish.

Oh so beautiful egg yolk lava... eyegasm.

Mandarin Wilderness
$14 / IDR 133k
It's no wonder that this following beverage was clearly the pleasure to the eye, just look at that tempting "berry" colors, if I wasn't even bother of taking pictures, I would have finish this even to its freaking last drop. I am personally not a big 'ice' person when it comes to mornings but this was surely not to miss. This was actually the mixture of a few fruits like raspberry (of course), banana, mandarin and honey, overall the raspberry flavor was major which I found to be the decent neutralizer as well, but you could still taste the hint of other flavors, and on top of it, generous amount of fresh raspberry fruits. Recommended.

My visit to Wild Honey was tremendous, I think it's just the great place that serves a lot of delicious menu to have your breakfast, brunch or even dinner... sort of fancy but not intimidating, maybe that's why they're always packed, especially with the "all-day breakfast" menu that they're having.

Despite all those impressive things about Wild Honey, it's just that eating here won't cost you a little, the prices was relatively high and I don't think I would go here regularly to have my meals even if I was a Singaporean, but since I was on a holiday, it's completely fine (tourist advantage), but honestly, I will visit this again when I am in Singapore. I personally highly recommend Wild Honey simply for the awesomeness of it: great food and nice ambiance!

Wild Honey
[Scotts Square]
6 Scotts Road
Level 3 Scotts Square
Nearest MRT: Orchard

[Mandarin Gallery]
333A Orchard Road #03-02
Mandarin Gallery Singapore
Nearest MRT: Orchard and Somerset

Opening Hours: 
Sunday - Thursdays: 9AM - 9PM
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays: 9AM - 10PM

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  1. All looks delicious, and I should try this in my next visit to SG soon! *can't wait*