Tong Fu Dessert House Pantai Indah Kapuk

Tong Fu is one of the newest additions to the Pantai Indah Kapuk's Boulevard of Fats and Guilty Pleasures (as what I have always described), some of you might think, okay... probably just another typical dessert house selling (mostly) the same stuff? What makes it different then?!

Well, you might be wrong about this one.

Tong Fu actually sells more fruit based (and I mean real one) desserts comparing to the other dessert cafes in PIK. Ordering the desserts here were sort of simple, firstly you just need to choose your base and secondly: your toppings selections. Two steps to the golden tickets, hmm, is it? And oh, not to mention, they also use NO sugar to their creations. Healthy indulgence check!

Mango QQ
IDR 43k
Mango madness, mango everywhere! The base was blended mango fruit (mango puree) and completed with mango chunks and QQ balls that pop in your mouth. I wasn't really sure if it's the mango or the "no sugar" policy but if the overall flavor of this dish could be sweeter, this would have been a lovelier dish!

Honeydew Rice Balls (additional QQ balls)
IDR 38k
If the Mango QQ wasn't as sweet as what I have expected before, this one had a better flavor balance as well as refreshing one, but overall I still chose the Mango QQ for certain reasons, especially since I am rooting for mango!

In terms of pricing, I honestly think they're slightly higher than the common brands in the range.

Appreciate the fact that they didn't use any sugar or harmful materials to their desserts but still could manage to produce such decent desserts which were refreshing and most importantly: healthy! I personally do like their desserts and willing to come back for more of the Mango QQ, still holding a grudge curiosity on the flavor. I hope I would have a sweeter and more vibrant one on my next visit :).

Tong Fu
Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 25
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
021 - 2903 3265
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

2 komentar:

  1. dari ref kayaknya enak banget deh
    besok kalo ga banjir mau coba ah
    makasi ref nya :)

  2. Kesel banget sama Tong Fu… gara2nya beli voucher di livingsocial trs ga sadar cuma valid 1 bulan. Kita telat 2 hari doank. Kt livingsocial sih tergantung pihak merchant. Ya udah donk bujuk2 pihak Tong Fu, mulai dr tlp sampe facebook. Tapi tetep mereka menolak. Setahu saya Tong Fu selalu sepi, saya udah hampir 7 tahun tinggal di PIK, jadi dari ruko2 PIK belum ada yg buka sampe sumpek kyk sekarang saya selalu amati tuh tiap restoran baru2 yg nongol dan cobain satu2. Tiap mau coba Tong Fu selalu gak jadi karena lihat sepi amat nih restoran. Udah sepi, seharusnya mereka lebih terbuka dan fleksibel biar dr mulut ke mulut jadi rame deh… feeling sih mereka gitu krn kyknya mau tutup (karena banyak banget restoran di PIK yg tutup krn harga sewanya yg selangit) jadinya sikap mereka segitu sombongnya. Biarin lah disuain deh 79ribu duit voucher, anggep aja buang sial. Buat Tong Fu, good luck ya…