Hong Tang Central Park Jakarta

Taiwanese dessert giant, Hong Tang, is finally opening its third outlet in Central Park!!! Happy happy news, especially to those who craze over this but find it too far having to go to Pantai Indah Kapuk or Muara Karang.

This outlet of Hong Tang is located in the UG level of Tribeca building and very near to I Love Taimei. The venue was not spacious, probably the one in PIK could hold more heads but I found this to be a little more comfortable and less hot! The one in PIK was just always crowded with people in day and night, and for a claustrophobic like me, I don't find it very comfortable.
Hong Tang #28
IDR 38k
Since I went here with mom and sister, and for a non-first timer like me, I knew the portion of Hong Tang is pretty generous so I decided to order two and share. First one is certainly not to miss, me and probably everyone's favorite/best seller here is the "Number 28" (oh, the ordering method in Hong Tang is to tell your selection's number to the waiter, they barely have names for the desserts here). I have been having this forever since my first visit and always stick with this one.

The things I love about Hong Tang desserts comparing to the other brands in the league were the creamy sauce which created the overall creamy dessert, but not overpowering my taste bud, and the generous amount of toppings, especially the grass jelly with decent balanced of sweetness... but hey, to be honest the toppings would depend on what you choose, but I was happy that in fact, the toppings for the one that I chose were generous :). Honestly for consistency of the grass jelly, I chose BlackBall for its smoothness and lightness (probably my favorite grass jelly topping), but Hong Tang's not bad too, they're way thicker and more solid. No comment for the matcha ice cream, the same as what every Taiwanese dessert brand is using and it's delicious! By the way, you can separate the milk cream if you don't want it mixed so you could customize how much you wanted it in.

Mango King
IDR 59k
HOLY SMOOCH mother of mangoes! The portion was super generous I bet you can't finish this your own unless you're really hungry or you're an epileptic baboon (jk). I had this with mom and sis, and still couldn't stand of finishing this (don't forget the #28 earlier)! This was totally one refreshing desserts, I love how generous they were with the mango chunks and the mango sauce. It's so beautiful but don't get too excited because it's so cold it could make you brain-freeze. Vanilla ice cream topping was decent too. Overall was just a little too sweet but still highly recommended.

Free Complimentary
I got this free complimentary from Hong Tang and since it's complimentary I didn't know the number, but first, thanks for the free complimentary but frankly speaking, this one was not my favorite. Not horrible but maybe it's just not my kind of dessert. I am not a huge fan of black sticky rice and I'll just stick to the #28.

Milk Tea with Matcha Ice Cream
IDR 22k
I didn't know if I have too much desserts already but I just didn't find this THAT exciting anymore, it's like having milk + milk desserts + milk drinks and I have had enough and felt kinda bloated already. I didn't finish this one but I didn't declare this as bad either, this was just not that spectacular of a beverage.
Hong Tang is still my top destination to fulfill my Taiwanese desserts crave, it's just that they're steady with the quality of the flavor and their desserts tasted good too. It's a fact that Hong Tang is one of the most famous (or probably THE MOST) Taiwanese dessert brand in the league thanks to social medias but the massive publication. I hope they will continuously keep their quality steady good or even better :).

FYI a lot my Instagram followers asked me if Hong Tang is better than SumoBoo, well to be honest they were different in some aspects: SumoBoo's soup was a little lighter and overall less sweet while Hong Tang was the opposite but overall I like them both and I couldn't really mark which one I like the best, but SumoBoo has a larger range of choices.

Hong Tang
Tribeca at Central Park Mall Level UG
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat 11470