Bankara Ramen Jakarta

This one I nearly lose hope because I have been waiting for it to OPEN and the fact that they're finally opening was beyond joy! It's said to be opening in Lotte Shopping Avenue in December 2013 but it didn't open, I went back in January praying it would open but again, it didn't. I poured my heart out on February waiting for it to be opened at least on the effin Valentine's day, expectedly enough, didn't open... until I eventually got tired and hung my heart and cheated on other ramens, until finally on the late April (or early May - didn't know), it served its first bowl and not until late May that I got the chance to actually try them!

Never knew I could be so obsessed with ramen FML. No, seriously there's something about how most of the times they set the store half-done almost half of the year that got probably not only me, but everyone who passed by wondering...then hopes faded *sigh*. This Tokyo-based ramen is now making its expansion in J-town and ready to serve you what they got! Originally they have few international stores spread in cities like Tokyo, KL and Bangkok and I am personally glad every time I see new ramen houses opening in Jakarta, even though honestly, most of the times I presume the taste is not going to be much different than the rest.

Didn't take any interior pictures on my visit, was STARVING and beside so crowded on the weekend, but what I could tell you is that it was not exactly spacious and they got major wood material applied on the whole outlet to live up the Japanese ambiance.

Buta Gyoza
IDR 33k
The gyoza skin had good consistency, just the right thickness and the golden crisp color on the surface, but I must say that overall, the flavor was just okay, the filling was fresh tho, but I didn't find this to be anything special, guessing they're lacking on the basic seasoning like the salt and the garlic flavor was a little strong! Woof!

Kakuni Tonkotsu Ramen
IDR 95k
Okay, to be completely honest, I was so freaking scared of this! Just look at the amount of pork fats all over the broth, I think most people would agree that this is not a completely healthy feast but still, it's one hell of a feast! The creamy broth was actually very tasty and that savoriness of the pork bone was very delicate and I kinda liked the noodle's texture, for me it's chewy enough. One portion of this consist of a slice of chasiu, I didn't find the chasiu to be the most tender and it was a thin cut, but on the other hand, the pork chunk was HUGE! (photo below) and tender, tasty, nicely seasoned and this one's an exception because I love the juicy pork fat :).

I was going to say that I spent more calories separating the fat from the broth rather than eating it but it would sound completely hyperbolic. I was not sure if it's the fat or the pork chunk that made one portion to be a little pricier.

Order one Cold Ocha (IDR 12k) to accompany the lunch!

Will I come back? Well I would love to go back and try their versions of Tonkotsu ramen because they were running out of stock back then (was my first choice actually), simply wondering if their version of Tonkotsu could whip the asses of the already existing ramen houses or the opposite *smirk*. In a nutshell, if you are a hardcore ramen lover and wanna get adventurous with it, then Bankara is certainly not a wrong choice! Blend yourself with the variety, what's good about their ramen is that they serve what I never really see in other ramen houses and in a way, it was a good one but as I am typing this I keep on looking at the fats on the broth -.-. Ok gotta sign off now! Ciao!

Bankara Ramen
Ciputra World-Lotte Shopping Avenue 3rd fl.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940
021 - 2951 9966
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM


Map for Bankara Ramen Jakarta

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