The buzz of this particular new restaurant has been over-hyping and that means no way I'm spending more time keeping these photos in my hard drive and not writing about it. Before I start, I'd like to dedicate this post to Gabrielle, thank you for a lovely lunch invitation :).

Akira Back is probably one of the newest restaurants in the scene but surely NOT the name you want to do one-eyed judge at, this restaurant is brought to Jakarta thanks to the boss behind MD, Manoj Punjabi (no wonder why this restaurant's located in MD Place Building) together with his business partners, Reino Barack (MNC Group and founder of Bima Satria Garuda - Indonesian Kamen Ride) and Rudi Widjaja. I heard it took three years for them to convince Chef Akira Back to finally open one established restaurant in Jakarta, at the moment, Chef Akira Back also has one posh restaurant named Yellow Tail which is located in the sin city, Vegas (Bellagio Resort and Casino to be exact) with clients including A-list celebrities or people with some cash to splurge, because truth be told, eating at Chef Akira Back's restaurants would cost you some fortune ;).

That famous logo! This actually looks like a serious restaurant's logo to me.
Akira Back is located at the 12th floor of MD Place Building which then made it a rooftop/sky dining with views to Jakarta sub-urban landscape (not crazy flattering tho). The venue itself was quite spacious with capacity for around 250 people, the dining areas were divided into main dining areas, VIP areas and bar seating areas, the VIP itself has three different kinds and each has its own minimum charge condition.
celfie :).

Each table's decorated neatly and simply with fresh flowers inside the white vase.
Unfortunately Chef Akira was not there by the time I visited the restaurant, he's currently abroad but will come back for the grand opening of this restaurant, yes, it's been two months but currently still on the soft-opening days!

The prime and the most expensive VIP room with minimum charge around IDR 20mil and the photo you're seeing below was actually two rooms in one, it happened that they were planning a little birthday surprise for their boss, Reino. I personally don't know you but cheers to the freaking birthday, Reino! ;).
Second most expensive VIP room was located at the more hidden part of this restaurant, if I'm not mistaken, the minimum charge's around IDR 15 mil. This was more proper for group lunch meeting and me personally loving this room the most and the window view from this room was better comparing to the other parts.

Good thing about the MD building, if you look at the iron panels on the window (which btw formed this spider nest pattern to the building), they could light up during the night, bet it's beautiful!
Private corner for two maybe? ;).
The dining plate here were all specially custom made with Akira Back logo embossed. Coolness.

Not going to stop with the flowers!
Grapes and Lemonade Fizz
IDR 45k++
I was fond of this particular beverage for quite a few reasons: the grapes were fresh and generously given, overall it had a lovely and proper sourness consistency, well balanced from the sourness of the lemonade and the natural sweetness of the grape juice, and I love a little sense of perfume at every sip of this beverage.

Almost Famous
IDR 50k++
This beverage was more creamier in texture and flavor, the ingredients consist of homemade dragon-fruit jam, lychee, mixed mint and cream. The sweetness of this beverage was perfectly balanced also the consistency of the creaminess: properly medium without overpowering the whole beverage, mos timportantly, you could still hint the fruit flavor :).

Tuna Pizza (Cold Shared)
IDR 195k++
When this was served on the table, the strong aroma from the truffle just spontaneously turning on my taste bud and I managed to take a quick shot on this one because I couldn't stand not taking a bite, seriously a teaser. The pizza dough was crispy and compacted, topped with light Ponzu mayo and one layer of thin-sliced tuna after. Flavor wise? So light but sooo perfect! The tuna was seasoned perfectly (I noticed blackpepper and salt), and again, the truffle oil made everything better, the more, the merrier, the better! Simply couldn't go wrong with too much truffle oil! I could have this all for myself and wouldn't share with anybody else!

Akira Back (AB) Tacos
IDR 155k++ (5 pieces)
Size wise, not even larger than human's fist (yes if you count baby) but it was again, another top notch-kiss ass dish, the seasoning of the wagyu galbi was unbebloodylivably good, perfectly savory along with the spicy tomato ponzu sauce, the meat was so juicy and tender, just a kiss distance to the crispy tacos which then added up the play of texture. Okay the picture and the words couldn't do enough justice, go try it yourself you might cry!

Horenso Shira Ae
IDR 85k
This ain't sushi, in fact this was actually formed baby spinach salad with rayu (chili oil) and sesame sauce, another stunning dish I must say! First of all, pretty presentation! The baby spinach was cooked on the right temperature resulting a smooth, in a sense, naturally sweet, but it's the sesame sauce that gave the most kick! I love how the sauce was so smooth and flavor wise, just like the common sesame sauce...TIMES 100! It was so perfect with just the right amount of tanginess, sweetness, savory, a little hint of nut flavor and... I don't even know how to explain it anymore just so FREAKING GOOD!

Black Cod Miso
IDR 195++
Again, simple but pretty presentation! The cod seriously is the best cooked cod I've tried in my life yet, it was seasoned so beautifully, perfectly sweet (from the miso glazed), caramelly and savory at the same time! It literally melt in your mouth and spread to this burst of flavor. The beet root foam didn't do anything different to the flavor but it sure did a little impact on the presentation.
This you don't want to share, portion wise, not the biggest but taste wise? GOLDEN!

48 Hours Slow Cooked Wagyu Short Ribs
IDR 450k
STUNNING is not even the proper word to describe my love for this particular dish! The presentation was beautiful, the taste, even MORE! No need to bite, you just have to put one whole chunk in your mouth! It was so smooth, juicy and ultra tender it melt in your mouth exploding to this amazing bursts of flavor: savory and natural flavor of the premium wagyu and slowly faded to this overjoyed but sadness because you realize it's now gone! The quail egg didn't do any significant play of flavor but it was cooked nicely.

Trust me, the more I am lost for words to describe how good a food is, it means it's THAT good! How can you not trust eatandtreats' review?

and trust me, I want to hug whoever made this, WHY YOU SO GENIUS?! I am horribly mad and happy.

Among all, I couldn't decide which one was my favorite, but I sure will go back for both Tuna Pizza and AB Tacos as they're the more affordable ones. Told ya eating here might not be cheap but once you tried this, you might want to come back for more, again and again, and if it happened to me paying, I would! I feel like I got what I paid for! Akira Back totally fetch up my standard of fine-dining in Jakarta, well that's the case when you started or at least with tried the best, it's easier to upgrade rather than downgrade right? ;).

E&O managed to stay on my list as the best restaurant I've tried so far in Jakarta, but now, sorry E&O, it's a little hard but you might have to retire from the throne and pass it to Akira Back as it's now, personally for me, THE BEST RESTAURANT IN JAKARTA! I gave this 9/10! Venue wise, service wise and most importantly, food wise: blew me away!


Akira Back
MD Place Building/Penthouse, Level 12
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7 (near to Four Seasons Jakarta)
Setiabudi, South Jakarta
021 - 2904 0777 / 0857 7778 8777


Map for Akira Back Jakarta

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  1. Do you always re-touch your picture using Photoshop kak? tone nya stunning sekali I even wanna cry :') ini pake mirorless ya ngefotonya?

  2. It certainly an upscale restaurant with the good quality food. However, I don t think I will go back there again after yesterday unpleasant experience. I took my girlfriend on her birthday yesterday to this restaurant. Before I order some drinks and menu, I asked the waitress if theres anything special for birthday gal. She said yes, they have a surprise for the birthday gal and even asked her name. The surprise never come till I close the bill. WHen I asked the manager on my way out he said, he is waiting for my signal? So unprofessional. really disappointed for a restaurant with this class