Kempi Deli Jakarta - REOPENED!

When everyone claimed they have been (meaning: dining in) to the old Kempi Deli, I must be honest: I never went to the old Kempi Deli so this was a new experience for me! To be fair, I knew Kempi Deli but never have the urge to come into the store. I've heard good things about this particular patisserie and how the cakes were beautiful and delicious...nuff said, that's it and I spent no more time waiting around.

I had a meeting with a client on Tuesday and most of the times the clients asked me to decide the place, my mind went straight for this one and there I went for meeting and lunch, and just few hours ago I went to the Jakarta Culinary Passport 2014 which by the way far BETTER than last year and had my dinner here with a colleague, so in three freaking days, I've been to Kempi Deli TWICE! Obsessed eh?

Personally I think the new Kempi Deli was larger but I didn't think it's too significant, and still, it's not spacious though, but  I clearly LOVE the new space: it's clean, it's simple, not much unnecessary items, just how a proper (professional) patisserie should look like. If you're having a hard time finding it, it's located exactly beside Paulaner Brauhaus on the second floor Grand Indonesia (east mall).

They sell many kinds of breads, pastries, cakes without leaving what they're famous for: meats and sausages! They also sell all-day ala carte breakfasts with pretty decent range.

The seating capacity was probably only for 20-30 people, and the indoor area was the smoke-free area.

Cafe Latte
IDR 30k
Their version of the good old Cafe Latte was light, milky, in a sense pretty much like the common Cafe Latte I've had in places.

Iced Chocolate
IDR 40k
Their iced chocolate fit me in a lovely way: it was not too milky yes the chocolate flavor was rich... no, actually I requested it that way but they managed to make it how I wanted to this one passed my test!

Kalamasi Pistachio
IDR 30k
I've always been a die hard fan of Pistachio and this one got me just like that! I love how they managed to create a Pistachio cake this good: noticable and sort of rich Pistachio flavor, appealing in appearance and loving the fact that majority of the cake was mousse! As in for the sweetness, I still find it tolerable. Overall the cake had very good consistency (light, creamy, but not overpowering and bloating), and flavor wise, adorable! If you love Pistachio then you're gonna love it.

The Baltic
IDR 75k
Hands down this one was superb! Actually kind of get the feeling this would be good even before the moment it's being served on the table, the menu described this particular food nicely. It's croissant sandwich with smoked salmon, egg mayo and lettuce. If you think that the elements were so simple and not really 'sounding', wait until you try it! The croissant was just on the perfect consistency and texture: flaky while still really moist with fair salty buttery flavor (typically don't like butter but this one's an exception). The salmon given to a portion was pretty generous and the salmon was just perfectly cooked and seasoned! Everything on the place was adorably FRESH, and yes, it's THAT good and I highly recommend this - and don't blame me if you don't find it that good, either you're not lucky or else because I can't be blamed :D.

The Norwegian
IDR 75k
Two salmon courses for dinner because I could just never say NO to salmons. This one was another game changer because again I found this to be crazy good and my dinner seemed perfect!!! Okay, the smoked salmon was executed the same as the previous dish, it was so fresh, moist, smooth, silky and I love the chewiness of this salmon and I mean that good chewiness! The eggs were perfectly runny and smooth and the egg yolk had this neutral flavor and it was so fresh. The Hollandaise sauce was also lovely, one of the main reasons I don't really have eggs benedict for meal is because sometimes certain restaurants made the hollandaise sauce to be WAAAAY MILKY plus they put on too much flavor I just want to blood vomit, but this one managed to be executed in a very decent way! As simple as the toast and the asparagus was also cooked lovely. Another highly recommended dish.

This might sound silly, but I got the impression like I knew the chef and this person knows me, because everything just exactly how I expected, and what I mostly thought about while I was eating was "FRESH FRESH FRESH!" Good things need good role models to be thanks, all because of the magic hands of Chef Jacques (executive pastry chef) and Patrik Quinter (master butcher). As a first timer, I was highly satisfied by Kempi Deli for the food and the kind service staff, and I'll sure come back for more of their meals...and you guys should too! It will be my upcoming favorite place to have breakfast or brunch ;).

Psst, did I mention that they currently have this promo where you could take away the cakes from 25% OFF and the pastries for 50% OFF after 7 PM (only valid for take aways).

Has been coming to Kempi Deli for uncountable times now, just the perfect spot to be alone and work on my stuff! Here are some of the menus I managed to order on my past visits after this post was first published!

Chocolate Croissant
IDR 20k
I adore the texture of the croissant, crispy coat with flaky texture on the inside, in my opinion, very close to perfection. I love how the flavor was buttery but not overpowering. This was simple but gorgeous.

Strawberry Danish
IDR 20k
Again, almost perfect danish with amazing custard cream (not too milky and not too sweet), topped with fresh strawberries. Another 20k well spent!

IDR 12k/each
Frankly speaking, they have very good macarons, and I am talking about both flavor and texture, the texture was crispy but gooey inside with rich bold flavors. My favorite has got to be the fruit flavors!

Black Forest
IDR 30k
If you have tried the famous Black Forest from Paulaner, then you might consider this as the mini version of it, but there's something missing about this particular Black Forest from Kempi Deli, I feel like the texture was not as soft and gooey and the chocolate flavor wasn't as bold as Paulaner's while technically it's just the matter of size, or maybe size indeed does matter :).

Deli Double Decker
IDR 50k
I love the savory treats from Kempi Deli and I think they serve winner sandwiches and this Deli Double Decker wasn't an exception! The bread had this pleasant texture with fresh pork ham filling (NON HALAL), lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. This wasn't served with sauce but it's the seasoning that made this whole portion burst in your mouth. LOVELY!

Kempi Deli
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall 2nd fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 3985
Opening Hours: 9 AM - 10 PM


Map for Kempi Deli Jakarta

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