MOJO Kitchen and Bar Senopati

The fact that this particular restaurant's located at the cross of Senopati road and Kertanegara road made it the plus and minus point for itself, the good thing is that it's very noticeable (at least for me), but the minus is that when people actually saw this (or accidentally) and they've crossed Mojo, it's almost this feeling when you're too lazy to stop but you know you probably want to come here on your next visit.

I knew I have always wanted to go to Mojo and I've actually been here four times, it's just that I never got the urge to blog about it and since I always came for dinner, the photos were horrible. Fortunate enough, I went to MOJO for lunch just last Saturday as their guest, also to try out their new menus released just a while ago.

I think anybody would agree that the downside of so many new restaurants opening in Senopati is lack of parking space and they took advantage from it to make every parking space a freaking Valet!
For those who don't know, MOJO is a California themed restaurant, so here they're serving you their take on Californian food with a little touch of Indonesia and mexican (meaning it could be from the ingredients or the cook). I don't come back four times to MOJO for no reason, to tell you upfront, I have always been a huge fan of their food and I think their food has been brilliant and consistent, but the question is, since this was the first time I tried their new menu, would they actually managed to stole my heart as always? Keep on reading ;).

MOJO was not spacious but I freaking love the interior! It was designed very simple and there's a sense of earthiness and homeyness, maybe from how they managed to use glass as ceilings and during the day, it let a lot of sun to come in and for me, it's just the perfect moment for photos! Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed that they currently don't have the separation between smoking and non-smoking, but to be honest, this restaurant's always packed most of the times (first sign of doing good) and I never actually got 'in touch' with the smoke, probably because I smartened up and chose the corner seating (right where the quote is!) near the bar, and on my last visit, they were barely people who smoke, maybe not so many people smoke during the day HAHA!

The quote that I was talking about, best seat from the smoke!


Ferrero Rocher Milkshake
IDR 48k
Ferrero Rocher mix beverages are hard to go wrong and so is this one, I kinda expected a slightly different tones of Hazelnut flavor or more Ferrero Rocher because technically Ferrero already had Hazelnut flavor infused to the chocolate, but overall, this was pretty refreshing and delish!

Ginger Berry
IDR 55k
I couldn't find the strong tone of ginger in this particular beverage, instead I noticed the lime flavor to be more powering but that turned out to be good thing for me. Might be cliche but fruits + soda = fresh! This one was executed nicely and the fruit given to the portion was generous! PLUS it's pretty!

Guava Strawberry Lemon (GSL)
IDR 45k
Again, this was pretty refreshing but however, I think the whole flavor was dominated with the guava and lemon flavor.

IDR 40k
Initially I didn't want to try this because it's cucumber, I don't hate cucumber but if you made a drink out of it that's pretty ergh but this turned out to be surprisingly pretty good, it's not 100% cucumber and they toned down the cucumber flavor with the lemon juice plus lychee fruit.

Korean Style Spicy Chicken Wings and Sweet Honey Soy-Sauce Chicken Wings
IDR 40k/each
For this particular, the photo that you're seeing for the appetizers ARE NOT the real serving presentation (since this is a food tasting session and they gave me everything on the appetizers menu), I must say the chicken wings were THE BOMB, especially the sweet honey soy-sauce ones! They were perfectly crunchy while still leaving the meat to be juicy and tender on the inside, the amount of honey and soy-sauce given was also proper, meaning not overpowering the taste bud when it's too much. I usually like my chicken wings just how it is: deep fried with little seasoning but when it comes to a little twist of sweet on the savory, this one was my standard! The korean style spicy chicken wings were also decent enough for me, good spiciness and seasoning from the Gojuchang base, and lovely cooked, but if I may choose, again, I prefer the other one.
Perfection on a wing, sWing me good baby.

Grande Nachos
IDR 85k
Based on my experience having nachos, they were never really consistent, but again, I gotta give it to MOJO for its consistency and constant quality control, told ya this was not my first visit and I've always loved their nachos, it was so good with so many elements to burst on your taste bud, both flavor and texture. The ingredients were fresh, simple, in a way didn't need so much work and it's just that the natural flavors from the frsh ingredients that did the talking. The beef chili was the main star I must say. It was so tasty, fair spicy (for me) and perfectly seasoned. This was very appetizing and satisfying! I couldn't stop munching back then.

Classic Tacos de Lengua
IDR 55k
Another highly recommended appetizer, this one you shouldn't miss because it was literally burst of flavor in a bite! The taco consist of chicken, chorizo and steak and they were so good and juicy and the vegetables condiments were fresh and the sauce just live up the plate! Nice job on this one.

Chipotle-pears Braised Short Ribs
IDR 109k
When it got presented, the short ribs had this juicy jiggly fat that made me want to grab it with the fork soon, the outer part of the ribs was indeed juicy but the inside part was a little dry and less juicy, however the olive tomato rice and the creamed corn side was amazing!

Deep Fried Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl
IDR 95k
Completely honest, I think this was the first or second time having burrito (forgot) but this was apparently VERY GOOD! In a glaze it looked like the mexican version of bibimbap with that sunny side up at the centre. The white rice had this half-cooked texture which made everything better, the meat and the vegetables were really tasty, fresh and flavorful, simply one bowl with burst of flavors! I highly recommend this one. Yums!

Chiptole Glazed Herb Chicken
IDR 65k
This might not be the most interesting presentation but this one was one of my favorites of the day! The chicken was seasoned and cooked perfectly, totally the highlight of the whole dish! The glazed carrot gave a little flavor play because it was the sweetest element on the plate :). I love the fact that the rice's sort of half-cooked with long grains and the rice itself was seasoned lightly, guessing it was cooked with the cilantro and lime and I could find the hint of lime flavor and aroma.

MOJO Fish and Chips
IDR 90k
To be completely honest, I haven't found the fish and chips that could actually beat Fish and Co's but this one was surpisingly really good, just how I expected it to be even though not significantly close to Fish and Co and didn't need to! I liked the fish and chips just how it is: fish...and chips! I wasn't too excited with the Salsa dressing because I didn't find it to be a complete match with the fish.

Beef Tounge Fried Rice
IDR 69k
This particular fried rice dish was delicious, if you're not a big fan of squid infused or salted fish flavored fried rice then you might not like this one, but I must say that the beef tongue was cooked perfectly tender and juicy and seasoned just right on the spot! Appreciate the runny sunny side up! Always loved having it on my food (not on every food). In a nutshell, this one's simply de-li-cious!

Fried Chicken Waffle
IDR 88k
Fried chicken and waffle is kinda trending here in Jakarta and so many restaurants actually trying to portray this. I have tried some and this one got into my top picks because the chicken was cooked just adorably cripsy and moist inside with tender meat. Even though you might find it weird, but the maple syrup actually worked pretty good with the chicken and waffle (of course). The waffle had this semi-crispy consistency and smelled so good!

Peanut Butter Cheesecake
IDR 69k
To be fair, I didn't try this out because as you know, I don't eat cheese, but I gotta give it to their peanut butter because it was great in every way: texture, flavor, consistency. The texture's light and creamy - almost wipped cream like, but the peanut butter flavor was rich! I heard from the others the cheese cake was good and had this gooey texture.

Waffle with Red Velvet Ice Cream and Cream Cheese
IDR 69k
The waffle was just the same consistency as the Fried Chicken Waffle's: crunchy with gooeyness inner texture only the waffle was saltier with cheese and red velvet essence infused to it, but again, I wasn't really into this dessert because it was cheese. Okay, I get so dramatic with cheese but I just don't like it OK and I can't force myself to like cheese. The ice cream's infused with Mascarpone cheese and actual red velvet cakes.

I have always loved MOJO, they have nice food, but I don't know why the food served on my lunch that day (despite the deliciousness), they weren't screaming and shouting my taste bud like usual, again, not that's they're bad, they're VERY GOOD but you know when you're missing that extra something-something that could make you go achieve the foodgasm but you don't know why, maybe the experience of trying THE WHOLE food had this mixed experience.

I would still recommend and awarded MOJO as one of the best restaurants in Senopati and this time when you see MOJO, I hope you won't skip it, give it a try and order some of the ones I've reviewed and I hope you're lucky (can't control consistency) :).

Thanks for reading!

MOJO Kitchen and Bar
Jl. Kertanegara No. 70
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 7007 0529
Price Range: 35k - 120k
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 12 AM


Map for Mojo Kitchen and Bar Jakarta

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  1. Never a fan of Mojo. Very small portion for the price. The taste is also mediocre.

    I just hate hipsters' joints nowadays, they made Jakarta such an expensive city for dining. Rp.109 K for 2 small pieces of short ribs? Rp. 40K for one piece of chicken wing that looks more like a pigeon wing? Come on?? I can get 7 giant beef spare ribs for US$10 in a nice restaurant in New York.

    I think food blogger should talk more value besides taste. We need a better dining scene in Jakarta.

    Love your blog btw


      But yeaahhh, mainstream is always a common thing in F&B industry especially Jakarta eh?

      Would be great if people start dining out at a heritage or classic places that have better taste and better price *imho*

      Anyway, still good photos as usual!