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Before I start the entry, I want to take this moment to thank *clear throat* Aline because all the pictures in this post were taken by Aline's camera! I was just washing my hands at the toilet on the earlier event and unexpected enough, when I was drinking this soya beverage (in can) which then I put in the bag before washing hands, it accidentally spilled on my camera! My mood was dropping under the ground because in a sudden it couldn't turned on T.T, but just this morning the camera's finally running like normal after I leave it on the rice for the night. I managed to learn two valuable things: first, not to be stupid, second, always put wet electronics on the rice, talk about what the elders always say!

One of the most astonishing and interesting chocolate boutique in town in definitely Pipiltin Cocoa... well why astonishing and interesting? Well it's because they're using local Couverture (as in chocolate) as the main ingredients to the "made-from-scratch" creations, the thing with companies using local stuff increases my respect and affection! For those of you who don't know, Couverture is a kind of very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter (around 32-39%) and when it's cooked on the proper temperature, in result, the chocolate gets this glossier and shimmer look, almost like it's polished and laminated.
Venue wise, the design of the room was rustic, minimalist and simple, this particular outlet in Senopati is way smaller than its original outlet in Panglima Polim, and since this particular shop's concept is more like a boutique, they have NO kitchen here so if you're expecting this outlet to have such plated dessert menus like 'Tabanan Chocolate", "Frozen", "Egg No" or those I have posted HERE, then you better go to the one in Panglima Polim, but they still have pretty good range of yummy looking cakes, pralines, cookies, jams behind that glass display.


Chocolate testers are available, me loving the Macadamia and Cranberry chocolate bars!

They have amazing jams!!! Was given testers of their jams and honestly, I literally love all of them, but I was most impressed with the "Strawberry and Rhubarb", I haven't been an avid fan of rhubarb stuff before but since the strawberry flavor was a little more dominant, this got me hooked,

Cakes and pralines display!

The seating capacity wasn't huge, the outlet could probably fit 15-20 people inside, and good news, SMOKE FREE AREA!

I adore the pralines art, abstractly beautiful!

Favorite design, the pyramid chocolate, pretty eh!

They also have pretty macarons with variant selections for you to choose.

Left: Iced Dark and White Chocolate, IDR 42k - Right: Hot Chocolate with Salted Caramel IDR 40k
I was pretty fond of both of the drinks, the Iced Dark and White Chocolate had this amazing balance of flavor and sweetness, well to be frank, it tasted like a iced milk chocolate beverage, only this one was the good kind. My favorite one has got to be the Hot Chocolate with Salted Caramel, I love how the salted-caramel was the tone of uniqueness, along with a little hint of saltiness, buttery and creamy flavor. Must try!

Apologize for not looking at the names of these treats, totally forgot, but I sure remember the flavors! The orange-colored candy was in fact NOT an orange candy, it was a very delicious apricot and the sweetness was proper and well-measured, along with the "melt-in-your-mouth" texture, the pralines with tiny dots was hazelnut and it was again, another delicious treat with rich hazelnut flavor, the cookies (didn't know why they only gave half of it), it had this hint of bitterness but in a good way, assuming they gave a little cocoa dips and using dark chocolate for this one, I honestly quite like it.

Japanese Green Tea and Peanut Butter Praline
IDR 12k/each
Me loving the pyramid shaped praline because it had this dark chocolate and caramel flavor, chocolate and caramel just hard to go wrong ain't 'em ;). Personally for me, I think the sweetness was still proper and acceptable for my taste bud.

Eggless Chocolate Cake
IDR 28k
The eggless chocolate cake was honestly good, I wasn't expecting a cake that's being made without eggs to achieve this quality, well to be fair, comparing to the cakes with complete-ingredient, this wasn't as good as that, but I like the smooth mousse texture of this cake and the overall flavor was creamy and a little strong on certain notes.

Chocolate Truffle Cake
IDR 28k
This cake actually got a strong potential to be really good. Appearance wise, this cake is pretty and tempting, but there's something about the flavor that wasn't really yelling anything, the cake was a little dry too, it was literally just a piece of chocolate cake with two textures.

Lemon Passion Macaron and Raspberry Hibiscus Macaron
IDR 12k/each
Their macarons might be tad smaller than the ones I've had in any other cake shops, but texture and flavor wise, pretty good. As you can see, the macarons had this tiny feet that indicated successfully crafted macarons, the outer surface was crispy and flaky all the way to the moist inner. I appreciate the generous filling with bold flavors, I can't really tell but I am hoping that they're using natural ingredients to give the flavors to the fillings instead of extracts.

Pate Choux Iranian Pistachio
IDR 22k
One of the most favorites ordered that day must be this Pistachio Sable Choux, the pistachio flavor was rich and the texture of the cream was light while still being creamy. I didn't have any issue with the texture of the Sable, it was pretty good with proper stiffness and hardness. I recommend this one.

IDR 45k
The plated desserts they're famous for are now translated as jar desserts for this outlet, to be honest for that price, this was not the amount of serving I was aiming for, flavor wise, it's actually pretty unique with hints of orange and ginger (guessing) and a play of texture from the little chocolate marshmallows and nuts, rather complex but overall I still find it interesting.

In a nutshell, my visit to this particular Pipiltin Cocoa outlet was good, I enjoyed LOOKING at the cakes while flavor wise, they didn't really leave strong impression for me, they were okay tho, for upcoming Pipiltin cravings, I'd rather go to the one in Panglima Polim, but to fulfil your curiosity and to increase your social existence (if you're a social freak), then you might want to visit this one.

Pipiltin Cocoa
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 27
021 - 3644 6914
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190


Map for Jl. Senopati

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