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I am an avid fan of Yakiniku, and to be honest, it's not always a piece of cake when it comes to finding a proper Yakiniku restaurant that actually serves great Yakiniku, and when I talk about 'great', I mean starting from the base (meat) to the aftertaste, and I am sooooo glad to find this gorgeous Yakiniku restaurant called Kintan, such a hidden pearl in the "Pacific".

Kintan is located in 5th level of Pacific Place mall Jakarta just beside the recently launched Shaburi, it just so happens that both Shaburi and Kintan are actually under the same group: Dining Innovation from Japan. The difference between both restaurants lands on their focus, if Kintan's focusing on Yakiniku, Shaburi is where you go for Shabu-Shabu.

Venue wise, Kintan is not spacious, the whole venue could fit around maximum 40 people, but I kinda like the ambiance that they offer, it's a good place to eat Yakiniku along with the Japanese atmosphere from the lighting and a few deco elements, each table's completed with private grill and Ami (wire mesh) and here, you grill your own meat, and personally it's always good to have what I want so I always do that.

Thanks to BBlog Indonesia, I got the chance to experience a lovely scrumptious bloggers lunch here and that day I tried their Yakiniku set plus some of their finest meats like the Marble 9+ wagyu and premium US beef!

Nuff with the yakking, time for PHOTOS!!!

IDR 268k ++
Kintan Jou Kalbi, Harami, Taki Shabu Kalbi, Gyutan, Rosu

One set portion should be good for two or three people, but I honestly feel it's even proper for four. For IDR 268k++, you're not only paying for the glorious meats, you're also paying for the complimentary side-dishes, salad and rice.

Kimchi Moriawase
IDR 39k (ala carte price)
I do like Kimchi but I hate it when some restaurants failed to do it eventually feel like eating rubbish (which of course I never did), but this one was fresh and had a proper hint of sourness!

Choregi Salad
IDR 38k (ala carte price)
This was again a beautiful salad dressed in Sesame oil and lime, I like how it's sour, savory, just very... Japanese.

Before we actually cooked our own meats, the chef gave us a little showcase on how to cook the meat, but I bet the ladies weren't really paying attention to the direction.

Chef cooking the Surprised Hormon (IDR 59k). Surprised Hormon is basically the colon/large intestine area of the Wagyu, it took more time to cook this to make sure the both side's cooked appropriately. The way to cook this was really simple, just make sure you start with the 'lean area', then cook for around 4-5 minutes or until it starts to have the burn-marks before you turn it around. The result? Juicy, fluffy and rubbery consistency in the same time, the seasoning was great already and to be frank I eat NONE with the sauce, however, there are two yakiniku sauces you can choose from.

After the first side's done, start cutting the Hormon to small sizes and cook the other side.
As in for the meat, they were so beautifully cooked, to be fair, the first few meats were cooked by the chef but the last meats were personally cooked by me but as nice as the chef's, I PAY ATTENTION *defensive*, well for the meats (especially Gyu Tan), before you place them on the grill, dip them in the lemon juice :). Again, I don't need any sauce to accompany the meat, they're simply gorgeous fresh from the grill! YUM!

Wagyu Sirloin
IDR 170k++
Good meat looks good even before it's being cooked! The texture of the Sirloin was so tender, so juicy just like any other meats I had there. Another bloody terrific meat.

Wagyu Rosu
IDR 98k++
The marbling of this particular meat was really good, it's hard to decide which one's better because both Rosu and Sirloin were equally gorgeous!
Did I mention that Kintan actually means 'Golden Tounge" in english and I feel like that's the case of me after having such scrumptious lunch here, the food was GOLDEN GRAND GOOD and I had such a pleasant lunch here! It's the kind of good that sticks in heart and mind and I highly recommend this restaurant whenever you're craving for GREAT Yakiniku restaurant. This place deserves more recognition and I am glad that I gave one, sky rocketed to my top Japanese restaurants list!!!


Pacific Place 5th fl.
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 5797 3250


Map for Pacific Place

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  7. Perfectly! This is my favorite place. I love their meat, they really know a lot about cooking. Every Friday after work, my colleagues from ramotion and I visit this place and enjoy a great evening.

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