Marutama Ramen Plaza Indonesia - RELOCATING!

Marutama is undoubtedly one of the most famous, still happening and probably one of the best ramens in Jakarta and I believe a lot of people agree on that! This Japan origin ramen brand has been stealing so many hearts of Jakartans and here is me as one of their biggest fans.

I'm honestly kind of lazy to start the opening and re-telling everything about Marutama because I believe so many people knew about Marutama already and also I'm a little late in reviewing Marutama so I would just tell you the essential info about Marutama. The owner and the executive original chef is Tetsuya Kudo and he's the genius behind the Marutama brand and smartly spread the wings of this brand and now he's having quite a few outlets not only in Jakarta, but also Medan, Singapore, Malaysia and even Canada, now that's a good business!
Marutama is probably very well known for the fact that they have STRICT rule in not putting any MSG inside the broth which I highly appreciate, but we're going to the ramens later, what I want to tell you is that Marutama Ramen is now relocating at its new location at the third floor of Plaza Indonesia, it was at EX but soon enough we all will be saying goodbye to EX - yes there will be no more EX - and just yesterday I happen to visit their new location and couldn't wait to share this to you, such a news worth sharing despite the ramen itself.
I must say that they're in between changing and keeping, changing a little look of the usual Marutama Jakarta outlets to be a little more simple, but still managed to keep the Japanese caligraphy (believe it brings luck), the red velvet seats and the use of the wood material to live up the Japanese ambiance. Comparing to the one in EX, I couldn't really find which one I like the most, besides, it's not important, it's just that I like the lighting here better, just brighter.

Chicken Kaarage
IDR 30k
Countless times going to Marutama and this has always been my regular order because it's just proper-crunchy outside (not over crunchy) and the chicken's perfectly tender, juicy and seasoned just right on! Another thing I love about chicken kaarage is the aroma, freshly deep fried chicken smells the nicest!

Gyoza Ramen
IDR 99k
The difference between Gyoza Ramen and their best selling Tamago Ramen is the pork chunks given to the portion while the other elements like seaweed, chasiu and tamago are pretty much the same. The noodle texture as well as the consistency were good for thin noodle. I bloody love the pork fat, it was juicy, tasty, yummy and just addicting! While I guess I was not a big fan of JUST the texture of the meat, it was tad dry (I believe there's room for improvement), while flavor wise...LOVELY! And for the broth with NO MSG inside, it still remains one of the best broth... EVER! The consistency might be lighter and less creamier than what you usually have like Tonkotsu, but also not that miso based alike, just mild but in a way rich of flavor from the pork bone extract, tasty, savory and addicting!

Tamago Ramen
IDR 69k
Flavor wise, the broth was identical with the previous dish but hereby I want to give my opinion about the chasiu, I think they were really good in texture (soft, silky, tender) but I guess they're a little thin, when it comes to meat, sometimes the fatter (portion) the better! While their tamago...HANDS DOWN THE BEST EVER! PERIOD! Seriously anybody who's tried this must agree with the fact that their tamago was THAT good! From the consistency to the flavor, just perfection. It's just that the egg was very soft, bouncy, runny and fresh on the inside, I should've cut the egg to show you the inside but I didn't - felt so bad - was starving and forgot everything!!!

Typing this on the midnight was such a complete suicide, now I'm hungry as f*ck.

To cut things short, Marutama still remains one of THE BEST ramens in Jakarta judging from the quality of the flavor and the elements as well as the service and ambiance, eating here would make you feel like you're eating at home, not literally at home but there's something about the ramen that was so heartwarming, very simple, humble, just proper without crappy complicated feeling to it. It was just adorable and I'll always be loyal customer of theirs ;).


Marutama Ramen
Plaza Indonesia 3rd fl.
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM


Map for Plaza Indonesia

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