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The french culinary scene in Jakarta has been growing very rapidly but this time I won't name names as I'm going to spill you everything on the list that I'm curating at the moment about French Restaurants in Jakarta, but what I can assure you is that this following restaurant that I'll be talking about in this post is going to definitely be on the list! If you are a French cuisine lover and you don't know this restaurant, shame on me for haven't reviewing Bistro Baron! For years it has been opening its door serving the best of French cuisine to its enthusiasts.

Located on the ground floor of Plaza Indonesia, just across Kitchenette, Bistro Baron is probably one of the most magnificent as well as fancy but not intimidating French restaurant in town, what I mean with "not intimidating" is that even though the food here was curated with such excellence and everything seems 'high-class' but everyone is really welcome to eat here and to tell you upfront, I was very pleased by the service from the beginning of my visit to the end of my meal, the waiters seemed very well-trained and know how to behave properly, so in this case, service: check!

Okay, enough yakking now it's time for PHOTOS! I love showing you these photos because the place was really pretty!

The so called "Grand Entrance".
I came on the weekdays lunch time and even though the restaurant was not on its busiest (probably happening to any restaurant) but I honestly think that the crowd was pretty good, and for dinner, I noticed Bistro Baron always packed and most of the times... full house!
Something about the architecture of the restaurant that really gets me was the fact that it's actually another 'building' inside a shopping mall and I love how they're using the blue color because it adds up the sense of expensiveness, in a way a real France restaurant brought back here. Once you get in, you'll listen to tunes of French lounge and jazz music, very relaxing and again, in line with the lux this restaurant brings.
If you're wondering whether you're going to need to dress up, I must say it's not the ultimate requirement here but I noticed everybody dressed up, just so maybe you want to bond with the environment, then you'll probably want to style it up, plus I got a huge feeling you're going to take pictures here!

The dining seating capacity was estimated for around 70 people and the indoor area's the non-smoking area, rest assure for those who actually want to smoke because Bistro Baron's completed with outdoor seating area, but I suggest you choosing the indoor seating remembering how Jakarta is during the day... humid.

I started my lunch with something simple and refreshing, that is this Lychee Iced Tea (IDR 35k), this one was not something much different with the common Lychee Iced Tea but this one was indeed very refreshing and I love how FINALLY there's a restaurant that actually served Lychee Iced Tea with actual generous Lychee fruit, and I mean generous not just some syrup base drinks with jacked-up price and tiny lychee!
Butcher's Plate
IDR 195k
Bistro Baron's Butcher's Plate consist of Rillettes, Foie Gras, Smoked Duck and Duck Liver Mousse with Toasted Bread and boy did I have just the perfect appetizer! I literally love everything on that plate and everything was cooked with such perfection, and if I could highlight, then their Foie Gras is one of the best kind I've ever eaten in my twenty years of living, they literally melt in your mouth like chocolate just when you put it in your mouth. The smoked duck was also brilliant and the duck liver mousse was even more genius. First time ever having duck liver mousse and I still kept the feeling of the sensation in my head. The serving portion also consist of toasted bread but I simply like mine just how it was!

Cote de Beouf
IDR 1.150k (for 2-4 people)
Okay, first of all, don't get too stunned with the number because this was indeed a little hetfiier than the rest but let me tell you along for you to know why it would worth every IDR! The meat was 200 day grain-fed black Angus Beef Rib, and it was a one kilogram cut plus it's accompanied by choices of 3 (three) side dishes and 4 (four) sauces (Bordelaise, Bearnaise, Garlic Butter and Mustard)! If you're someone who actually know and appreciate the art of meat, Angus beef is one of those premium breed and that's why even to distribute it would cost you a little fortune. I love the fact that they cook the meat to be medium-rare! Just so you know, but it's actually back to how you like it, but the recommended cooking state for steaks should be 'medium rare' or 'medium', it's just so that you could still taste the original flavor of the meat at its best consistency. The meat was ultra tender and the seasoning was just perfect, personally the steak was best with the Bordelaise sauce (red wine sauce) with a little garlic.
The side dishes were as gorgeous as the main course, I was really-really fond of all the side dishes it got stressful for me to choose which one was my favorite, they were really good, in a way different but compliment each other. The cream spinach had this creamy milky flavor but not overpowering (especially for someone like me who had major issue with milky stuff), the sauteed mushroom was just perfectly cooked and seasoned and the fries (infused with a little truffle oil)...simply couldn't get enough.

The salad was just fresh and the seasoning was just right on the spot!

Tarte Aux Pommes
IDR 75k
My basic rule of dining is simply start your dining with something savory but always ends it with something sweet and that's why this Baked Apple Pie came just in time as a sweet ending, again, no surprise I was humbly treated by the delicacy of this apple pie: the crisp, the sweetness and the fact that it was actually very simple BUT executed nicely got me to the gut! If the common apple pies you've had somewhere were mostly moist, this one was slightly flakier and crunchier.
If you're looking for a decent GREAT French restaurant to have your lunch or dinner then look no further than Bistro Baron, based on everything that I had on my lunch, I have nothing bad to say neither any complaint, finally an almost perfect, if not, so close to perfect lunch, and I am not sugar-coating here my dear because they were THAT good.

...and behind the glorious food and a happy heart and tummy, here comes some roles to be thanked: Executive Chef Bistro Baron, Chef Herry Adi Nugraha and the team! Dear chef, you have magic hands!
2014 has been a great day to surf new places to eat but to be frank and so far until June, probably only three that really deserve to be on my year-end list and it came as no surprise that the existing restaurant like Bistro Baron survived, pretty much sure they're making it on my year-end list and so far one of the best dining experience in 2014. They don't survive for quite some time in the F&B business for nothing, honey... QUALITY TALKS!

Bistro Baron
Plaza Indonesia 1st fl. Unit E 20-21 (across Kitchenette)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 2992 3505/06
BB PIN: 2144528C


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