McDonald's McSpicy SAMBA Fiesta: Celebrate World Cup 2014!

Friday the 13th (as in June 13th 2014) is no longer that terrifying hollow date in connection with Freddy and Jason, take it all out because today marks the start of two interesting things: THE WORLD CUP 2014 and the "official" launch of McDonald's McSpicy SAMBA Fiesta! When the world cup is official, then the McD's new promotion is even more official LOL!

I don't normally blog about McD but when I do, something must be very good! Bet the picture above tells you everything already!

One thing for sure I have been HUGE fans of McD as I believe everyone in the whole universe does, their crispy chickens, fries and range of decent burgers (esp. BIG MAC and Fillet o' Fish) are always major crave, in which I am such a sucker for! To celebrate the World Cup 2014, McDonald's releasing this new set that will be available until July 13th 2014 (be hurry!).

McSpicy SAMBA Fiesta
Since this year's World Cup is being held in the land of Brazil, McDonald is very inspired by the exotic flavors of Brazil and Latin American, and it reflects on the sets! The sets consist of two variants you could choose from and they start at 48k nett! Not to mention, they already included the McD's Fizz and Shake Fries! NOMNOM!

McSpicy Peri-Peri Deluxe with Guava Fizz and Brazilian Salsa Shake Fries!
Lucky for me, I got just a pretty burger, I didn't have to do any styling! I am responsible enough to take pictures of my food before I actually eat it, quick somebody gives me an award!

I am pleaded guilty for typing this in the middle of the night and getting hungry I am calling my lawyer!!! Normally I am not a huge fan of cheese but I swear when I have this I ate the whole cheese layer because I presumed the chicken would be very tasty and the fresh veges would balance everything and boy I was true! This was really good, gotta warn you this was quite spicy, but it's addicting spicy! The chicken was so tender and juicy one bite was just not enough.

I don't know *shakes head*, the fizz was truly a fix for the searing hot day man! Loving the Guava fizz (left) as it gives flavor play to the palate! Talk about creativity and FRESH!

Fresh lettuce and tomato slices!

McSpicy Chicken with Raspberry Fizz and Roasted Beef Shake Fries
If you love McSpicy like I do and especially if you love a little kick of spicy then this would be just perfect for you! Again, tender and juicy chicken in between two soft buns and make sure you have the raspberry fizz all the way through the end and you might go "shit, one is not enough!" :9.


I love fries just the way it is and I couldn't thank enough whoever the genius behind French Fries because that shit is revolutionary, not hyperbolic here! Picture this, hanging out with your friends with one ginormous plate of french fries and don't tell me you're not getting at least one and start to secretly take more and more, that's natural, just like blinking. McD's shake fries is SOOO GOOD especially the roasted beef flavor, it gave a pleasant flavor play from the sweetness and the savory it was just so addicting! If you want bolder flavor, just add IDR 1,5k for every sachet.


...after seasoning.

Major guilty pleasure. NOM NOM!
I think this is a promotion you shouldn't miss! My pictures and words don't do so much justice, but still my pictures do the selling *defensive*, now head yourself to the nearest McD in your area and start enjoying your World Cup treats! Psst, the best moment having this is with your friends while actually watching the match together at McDs!!! and ssst... they also have interactive media like their super cool Augmented Reality where you can actually play a game just by downloading their software and scan the fries box!

check out their official

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