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Few months back, just hearing the news that Igor's opening in Jakarta got me excited enough, I was so excited simply because I have never tried any of their products before but I once passed their outlets in Surabaya and Bali (Petitinget Seminyak) and I could see that they're doing pretty good, especially in Surabaya! For those of you who are already familiar with this brand but find it hard when you're having such major craving, rest assure as they're now officially opening in Jakarta and eatandtreats got it all covered!

Igor was actually the acronym of the owners, Igo and Ratna who are real-life husband and wife, I always have this excitement about businessess that were born and organized by couple, I don't know why but I just feel the sense of dreaminess, just how they struggle to build everything from zero to hero, and in this case, Igor's a household name! I was pretty surprised with how large the venue was comparing to the other bakeries in Jakarta, in a glance it looked like Chalet. It was a pleasant surprise knowing that they have pretty big range of patisserie, bread, cakes, biscuits and many more! The thing with Igor's Pastry in Jakarta, they're expanding the creativity of the business by actually having a decent little cafe on the second floor for customers to enjoy their time while tasting some of their famous cakes like the dead good Chocolate Sacher or some of their savory food like Aglio Olio pasta or Potato Gratin :).

They claim to have more than 500 kinds of products sold everyday!

Cookies station, loads to choose!

LOOK AT THOSE CAKES! Mouthwatering!!!

Kids Area, the cuter area but still is very delicious looking!

Stairs to the second floor was decorated with sunflowers!
The second floor is usually the dining area with tables and chairs but since yesterday was the launching day and there's a mini press conference held that day, the second floor was transformed to this conference venue, the second floor might not be as spacious as the lower ground but still comfortable enough to hang out at.

Left: fruit infused water, Right: lemongrass drink, the lemongrass drink had this intense gingery flavor, pretty refreshing I must say while the infused water was incredibly fresh! Normally I hated infused water but this one was an exception.

Top view of the grand Igor's pastry. I must say I love the simplicity and how they decor the interior, it was just simple and proper without so much unimportant detailing that could interfere the beauty.

Cakes buffet! I literally tried everything and I must say that their cakes were really good! I super duper love their Sacher cake and literally every chocolate cake I tasted that day! Their Red Velvet cake with light cheese cream frosting was also an attention seeker. It's not me if I didn't try the savory ones like their quiches  and roulade which I found to be exquisite as well, I love the flavor and aftertaste of their Spinach Salmon Quiche! The salmon was just fresh and tasty.

Red Velvet Cupcakes! If you love chocolate flavor in a cake then this must go right for you, I noticed it had this extra cocoa flavor which I found to be good.

A little note about the press conference, gotta be honest here, I normally have no interest in joining press-conference because sometimes they're so boring I could kill myself, but this time was different because I happen to like the topic (about health) and lately I have been giving so much care about health (well just look at those food pics I posted on Instagram -.-), and I found few important points I could share you guys, just in case you don't know and you better pay attention:
- BMI (Body Mass Index) is the standard used to count your health, there's a formula to count it:
BMI = weight (in kg) / height (in m) x height (in m)
 For example if you weight around 70 kg and your height is 170 cm then 70 kg divided by (1,7 x 1,7)

Take note of these BMI results of yours, if your BMI result is:
< 16,5 = severely underweight
16,5 - 18,5 = underweight
18,5 - 25 = normal
25 - 30 = overweight
30 - 35 = obese I
35 - 40 = obese II
> 40 = dangerously obese

- Milk is the BEST kind of protein and probably the best kind of product out there for the body system and bones, but as you know I don't like milk, but I do consume soya milk. If you happen to be on diet then the skimmed version should be good for you.
- Fried stuff is the kind of food that we have to consume less whether you're on or not on diet, but the thing is everybody knows that fried food is the best! If you want to consume fried food or anything cooked with oil, convert to olive oil.
- Egg yolk has very high cholesterol value so over consuming could increase the possibility of suffering from one.
- Chocolate happens to be very healthy but as long as they're dark chocolate.
- People still have this stereotypical thoughts about diet than when they're on diet, they can't just eat fats but I found that hideous because technically diet is to cut some portions of your daily meal or changing the eating lifestyle, but not completely cutting the fat because our body really needs fat. Losing weight might take time but it's better to lose weight healthily rather than ended up looking like a sick person.
- If you want to lose weight, eat less, exercise more - nah I'm kidding I made up the last one.

...and funny enough I listened to the whole thing while having Igor's chocolate pastries.

On the conference, the one on the left is Dr. Inge Permadhi (a nutrition specialist) who kindly share us valuable lessons about food and health and the one in the middle is Mr. Igo, the man behind the successful brand! Mr. Innico Sjahandi or more known as Igo was an alumni of NHI Academy of Tourism and most people know that NHI is one of the top and prestigious tourism school in Bandung, if not in Indonesia, right after he spent 15 years working around the world from Switzerland to London and Japan until finally opening a patisserie business with his wife, Ratna. Too bad his wife didn't join the event yesterday because I really want to meet her! You know, curious... *heads off to Google and google... nah didn't find one*
Talking about the range of products, I must say I am very pleased knowing the fact that Igor's were keen on knowing their customers, meaning that some products were made without any egg or gelatin (for lactose intolerant sufferer), some were made without sugar (for diabetic), casein-free, flour-free, high fiber and certain breads were made using fresh grains and wheat, but overall they're pretty healthy, and did I mention that they're certified with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and TUV Nord Certifications both are internationally recognize to declare that their products are 100% healthy, hygiene and high-quality! To be certified (or at least passing) needs plenty of tough steps.

As in for pricing, I must say that their prices might be tad expensive comparing to the common bakeries but herewith I must say that you're getting what you paid for, if only you want the best! Let's just now spread the jolly news and come to their outlet here! Best of LUCK!!!!!!!!

Have fun enjoying their Sacher cake, oh how I have that in mind right now. Major yumster!

Igor's Pastry
Jl. Wijaya 2 No 122 (beside Tee Box)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 722 1063
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: IDR 15k - IDR 600k


Map for Igor's Pastry Jakarta

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