Michelin Star Lunch at Sana Sini Pullman with Jarad Gallagher

Yesterday was yet another memorable day as I got invited to join a three-course lunch with The Michelin Starred Chef, Jarad Gallagher at Sana-Sini restaurant Jakarta. The reason why I blog about this fast is because he's going to be here only until 22nd and my experience was worth blogging so enjoy reading!
Right in front of Sana-Sini, there's a little bread showcase featuring yummy looking breads!

Iced Lychee Tea
This was pretty refreshing, as an avid fan of Iced Lychee Tea, this managed to be on that top-good kinds of lychee tea!

Iced Cappuccino on the right, the coffee might be tad strong for Iced Cappuccino.
The three courses brunch started off with the appetizer: "Chilled Asparagus Veloute" consisting of texture beef tendon, smartly executed in little crackers, quail egg and Romesco sauce! For those who don't know, Romesco sauce is actually nut and red-pepper sauce but it wasn't spicy. The overall combination of flavor and presentation were lovely, the Quail egg was so smooth and the yolk was just 'yum', the boiled asparagus was fresh. The adorable twist came from the play of texture and flavor, the initial serving was with soup and I love the contrast between the silky soup with cheese crackers and a little 'popping' from the Tobiko.

It's a little hard to explain with words, but you just gotta love the sense of earthiness, humble and naturalness from this dish. Lovely starter.

Coffee Flavored Rack of Lamb
Bloody loving the lamb, super honest, it's one of the best lamb creations I've ever had in my life, almost perfect. I am so traumatized by lambs because most of the times I got those stinky ones and it's like the stink stays in my mind, but this one, I am loving the medium state, the tenderness of the meat and how juicy it was - hashtag "melt in your mouth" - the seasoning was also really nice, and I appreciate that they're using the mashed potato (which was also very good and smooth). Okay I have no bad comment about this!

Baby look at that meat and presentation. Me gusta!

Cute presentation of spinach.

Intermezzo: Grapefruit Consome
A little intermezzo to clean up the palate and I'm glad they came up with something like this Grapefruit Consome. It started off with a little kick of (almost) bitterness, but one scoop along the way, it was unique in a good way! You'll going to have the tanginess from the orange blending with the neutral flavor of avocado and a little perfume from the mint.

Gold Bar
Sweet ending to the lunch and pleased! Me loving this Gold Bar for everything on the plate: milk-chocolate dessert with caramel layers and coconut sorbet! Pretty presentation with proper-portion melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dish, mouthwatering, addicting and incredibly lovely at the same time!
Adorable pastry presentation in front of Sana Sini, belongs to Le Chocolat and Makaron!

I love smart food, meaning food that's made not only with the heart, but with percentage of 'brain' in the making and the lunch I had was spectacular. Me loving everything I had from the beginning to the end, even more, the chance to meet Jarad Gallagher and united with some friends on the lunch. Great experience!

If you want to have a quality lunch like I did, cooked directly by Jarad Gallagher, then you can come to Sana-Sini restaurant at Pullman Hotel Jakarta for lunch and dinner. Lunch starts at IDR 288k++/person and dinner (six courses) starts at IDR 888k++/person. Remember, only available from June 17th - June 22nd so you better HURRY! For reservation, dial: 021 - 390 6444.

By the way, for the dinner you're going to have almost the same courses, only with additional of Kampachi Sashimi for appetizer, Sea Trout "Mi Cuit" and Foie Gras Mocha :).

Special thanks to Ms. Amel and Iyan for inviting me over for lunch, that's very nice of you :).

For full review of Sana-Sini Pullman :).

Sana Sini
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 3192 1111
email: H8491-PR@accor.com
Opening Hours: Lunch (11.30 AM - 2.30 PM) and Dinner (6 PM - 10.30 PM)
Seating Capacity: 250


Map for Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

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