This will be a short review of the newly opened Flip Burger in Senopati.

Kudos to Chef Afit and the "holy" family for finally opening their very own "Flip Burger", after the huge success of HolyCow followed by the other holy molies like HolyGyu, HolyRibs, and Loobie Lobster (and while burger is more my kind of thing) I honestly expects a lot from the highly buzzed Flip Burger.
Flip Burger is located at what used to be the home of Pipiltin Cocoa Senopati just across Caribou Coffee, it should be easily noticable from the bright red branding and huge logo too! The interior was really simple, but the details really gave you this fun and youthful "burger joint" kind of vibe. It was a total full house on today's lunch and you know how Jakartans are with new joints, so on the early days of the opening like this, I suggest coming precisely at 11 AM, especially on the weekends.
They currently have three main menus here: beef burger, cheese burger and fish burger (and the burger set menus). I was tempted to try their fish burger but I think for a first timer, a good beef burger won't hurt, so I went with the full throttle "Smacker" (IDR 55k) with additional crispy chicken skin (IDR 16k) and crinkle cut fries (IDR 15k) on the side. Oh, the order method here is pretty common, first you order at the cashier counter and they will give you the receipt and in a few minutes (depending on the queue too), your order should be ready and your name will be called.

Their menu
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The Smacker was overall FLIPPING GOOD, it consist of double beef patty with cheese, bacon and sauce dressing all wrapped in this fluffy and sweet & buttery brioche bread. Good meat is something that you can expect to get here due to the years of Chef Afit's experience dealing with the protein and the patty was perfectly cooked & tender. If there's a slight downside I probably expected that extra kick of seasoning and juice from it, not that it's dry (totally not dry), I just wanted that extra oozing juicy goodness, especially after the amazing and super appetizing looking burger I had before my eye. Again, overall their Smacker was nicely executed: straight up guilty with none of that vegetable crap, holy mother of calories and delicious.
The chicken skin was perfectly crispy and salty, exactly the kind of guilty pleasure that I need (double that), and the crinkle cut fries had this natural and homemade texture and consistency to it, which is good.
PS: if you order one of their soft drinks here, there is a free-refill counter! So yes this one is for thirsty bitches like you MWAHAHA! Not to mention, a soft serve machine too.

My review might not do the justice as I came alone and I only had one burger, but I am so coming back to have their fish burger, hit me up for a burger date here anybodyyyyy!

I wish Flip Burger nothing but the best of luck! Can't wait to see this place being packed by hungry Jakartans who crave for amazing burgers!


Flip Burger Jakarta
Jalan Senopati No. 27
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12920
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 120k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Flip Burger Jakarta (previously Pipiltin Cocoa)

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